Thursday, 10 December 2015

Use the Avatar Like Product Video Production Company

Movies like Avatar contributed to the popularity of 3D animation merged with live action scenes, and this gave way to unique promotional videos where both elements are combined, resulting in a more enthralling and entertaining show. Hiring the right video production company should make it easy for you to produce an Avatar-like promotional video for your business. You need to find a company that specializes in animation and make sure that they have experience in both live action and 3D.

There are many benefits to using 3D animation in your promotional videos. The realism it provides never fails to capture the attention of viewers, regardless of their age. Hence, your promotional video is more likely to appeal to a wide range of viewers. The technology behind 3D animation appeals to our imaginations as it brings to life objects, creatures, and other things while ensuring a somewhat lifelike appearance for people to relate to. There is no limit to what can be animated in 3D. It can make a train fly, portray life in outer space, or simulate the ice age.

With 3D animation, it will seem like you are looking at a real object. Hence, producing an explainer or promotional video in 3D will make viewers feel like they are looking at an actual object in a place that is out of this world. Video production companies can make your business look and feel more technologically sophisticated with an animated 3D promotional video. Animators have the ability to take your product and provide a high-tech sense and appearance to it for a more cutting edge design. An animated 3D promotional video can boost your brand and your company's image.

It can be cost effective to produce a 3D animated promotional video for your business than when you shoot a full live action commercial. Be sure to get in touch with a video production company and tell them your requirements and how you want your promotional video to look like. With their help, you can produce an Avatar-like promotional video that can attract consumers and influence their buying decision.

Experiential Marketing via Animated Videos for Business Growth

Promoting a business is necessary to attract customers and make it grow. There are many different ways that you can promote your business, but successful promotion lies in the creativity of your material and how it manages to attract your target audience. Experiential marketing with animated videos can be a good way to advertise and promote your brand by helping consumers experience it.

Traditional advertising focuses on visually and verbally communicating the benefits of the product and the brand. Experiential marketing aims to immerse the viewer into the product by engaging his or her senses. An animated video may be one of the marketing strategies you can use with experiential marketing. It can be combined with other strategies like wide-scale guerrilla marketing and individual sampling. Ultimately, experiential marketing with animated videos aims to form an emotional and memorable connection between your brand and viewers to influence their purchase decision and influence customer loyalty.

Animated videos appeal to people of all ages, and they can make your viewers feel a certain form of attachment to your brand. The animation is attractive to watch due to the moving and usually colorful images and enthralling sounds. It is easier to produce, too. Some animated video production companies can deliver your video in four to six weeks while ensuring your involvement through all stages of production.

You can use an animated video to complement or enhance traditional advertising campaigns or to make your brand stand out at a trade show or event. This way, you can make your brand appeal to your viewer's emotions and be able to execute an experiential marketing strategy. You can play the video during a trade show and follow it up with a promo or an activity for the viewer to do. For example, a chocolate brand manufactured 10 million chocolate bars that missed one piece, and customers learned that the single piece was set aside, so they can choose to have it mailed to them or sent to their loved one with a personalized message. This way, the brand is able to establish an emotional connection with the customer and the people who received the piece of chocolate.

Spread the Word about Your Business via Short Animated Videos

Are you interested in promoting your business through short animated videos? These quick, easy to digest cartoons can boost go viral as well as boost your search engine rankings if produced effectively. They are also infinitely share-able, making them fantastic marketing tools.

Videos, in general, are some of the best formats for promoting a message, idea, product, or service. In the US alone, video site YouTube accounts for a whopping 18% of all downstream internet traffic. Even more impressively, YouTube is now the second biggest search engine in the world, outperforming Bing, Ask, Yahoo, and other search engines. These numbers show that video—especially short animated videos—have become hugely powerful media. Looking past the millions of videos of adorable kittens and skateboard accidents, you will find businesses from around the globe incorporating animated videos into their overall marketing strategies.

Short animated videos have been shown to improve customer engagement, boost the time people spend on your website, and help convert casual visitors into customers. Use it cleverly and an animated video can turn your website into an interactive and dynamic selling machine that attracts repeat visits. How you use your short animated video will depend largely on the industry you are in and the products or services you offer. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Show off your product. Do you sell a physical product? A short animated video is a powerful method of showcasing what it can do, what it looks like, and how it feels the way pictures and text can’t.

Teach your audience how to do something. Animated how-to videos can give people useful information while ingraining your product or brand in their minds. For example, if you sell dog shampoo, why not create an animated video explaining the most effective ways to wash a dog?

For maximum impact, post new short animations regularly. This gives your audience something to look forward to and can give your sales a big boost. Talk to a professional animation production company to see what your options are.

Propose Commercial Business in Front of Customers Through Animation

Web users consume content in many ways. With so many different devices, content formats, and platforms to choose from, how do you make sure that your business is in front of the right customers at the right moments? By combining different animation styles, it is easier to represent a product or service through videos and dazzle them in ways that they can never experience through other means of promotion. Here are major reasons why you should consider animated videos as major means to promote and propose your commercial videos in front of your consumers and even your B2B audiences:

•    You can present your business within seconds. Animated films can successfully showcase all the features, benefits, advantages, and value that your product/service can offer and compel audiences to take action as you point out all the critical and intricate details of your offering and make your case as a better alternative over your competitors.

•    Animated videos are cost-effective. You will be surprised at how cost-effective animation is, given that you only need a few seconds of content to engage and delight audiences. This leaves out the need for elaborate production, which often inflates your marketing costs.

•    Animated videos are also easy to share simply because they are lighthearted and easy to digest. A successfully planned and executed animated production has great potential to go viral and when people choose to share your content, your popularity sky rockets, which can only mean great things for your business.

The key to capturing your audience is to pique their interest and keep them engaged. Animated videos are among the most powerful tools that you can use to catch the attention of your target consumers and keep them interested enough to reach and respond to your call to action. Animated videos are also widely popular with audiences of all ages.

Present Corporate Animated Videos for Your Business

Sitting in a meeting where a single person talks continuously with a PowerPoint presentation may seem boring. You could take down notes and try your best to pay attention, but in the end, you might not be able to remember everything that was discussed. Using corporate animated videos for your business can make your presentation more impressive and likely to be remembered. Videos have always been useful when it comes to making a good and memorable impact on the minds of viewers, and animation always had a way to appeal to our inner child and our imaginations. Hence, putting them together for a corporate presentation will ensure a non-mediocre way to showcase your ideas, products, and services to shareholders, colleagues, and bosses alike.

Animated corporate videos are more enthralling, and it takes less effort to watch them. The video can be as short as two to three minutes, but you can be sure that your viewers are able to pay attention and recall a lot more information than when you make them read something. At the same time, your animated corporate presentation video is able to entertain your audience. This way, your meetings do not have to be boring, and your video can be a great way to break the ice, too.

Producing an animated corporate video is easy when you work with a reputable and creative video production company that specializes in animation. A team of talented animators, illustrators, and voice talents will turn your ideas and concepts into an entertaining and informative show. This way, you can make a better impression, and your ideas will likely be noticed and considered. With an animated video, you can present information in a manner that is memorable, enjoyable, and will leave a lasting impression. The corporate animated video can be a versatile marketing tool, too, especially when you need to show it in an exhibit or product expo.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Approach to Animated Marketing Video for Business Growth

Marketing videos are essential to expand your business and boost brand recognition. You may have a great product or a practical service, but if a word does not properly reach the right consumers, then you might as well close shop. Animated videos can be a cost-effective way to promote your business. They make people pay attention to what you have to say and convince them why they need your product or service in their lives. An animated marketing video can go well with other promotional and marketing strategies. With a visually appealing video, you can be sure that your target audience will notice your business and be curious about what you have to offer.

An animated marketing video can be packed with a lot of information, which is presented in a more entertaining, enthralling, and visually interesting show. The video can be as short as 15 seconds, but viewers are more likely to remember what they have seen and heard from it compared to when they read something from a brochure or a newspaper ad. Animation makes topics more engaging, personal, lighter, and easier to comprehend. Hence, an animated promotional video is likely to appeal to anyone regardless of their age.

Animations have the power to talk to you instead of talking at you. They stand out from traditional advertising methods, which have become mediocre and boring. If you are trying to improve your search engine rank, generate more leads, and increase conversion rates, an animated marketing video should complement an existing search engine optimization or marketing campaign. With an engaging story, well-crafted graphics, and smooth animation, your animated marketing video can help achieve your marketing goals online.

Animated marketing videos can easily be posted online for your viewers to enjoy and share. This is a good way to spread a word about your business, increase the number of views and visitors your website and social media pages receive per day and influence the viewer's buying decision. Be sure to work with a reputable animated video production company that specializes in marketing videos for a wide range of industries. This way, you can be sure of shorter turnaround times and a high-quality animated promotional video.

Animated Promo Video: Moving Business Marketing towards Growth

Now that more businesses and brands are starting to recognize the power of video as a marketing tool, marketers are also becoming more critical in formulating video strategies that will best work for their bottom line. If you want to use animated promo videos to help your business' growth, here are simple tips to keep in mind:

•    Always think about relevance. Marketing videos can't just be about anything. You need to produce and push relevant content for your marketing campaign so as not to mislead and confuse viewers as to what your business is all about. Producing video content that creates strong connections between your business and your target consumers is exactly what will make lasting impressions on them.

•    Animated videos can also be used to promote a social cause. If your business is a strong supporter of social causes, an animation is also a great way to get noticed and promote your cause while improving your PR and customer relationships. Animated social cause videos propel viral seeding, which leads to even more marketing opportunities and greater business growth.

•    Authentic branding is important. Videos are more successful when they showcase your brand authentically. One of the biggest benefits of animated marketing videos is that they have the ability to translate your brand and the consumer benefits and takeaways you offer an entertaining medium. By making a memorable, accessible communication tool, you can project an authentic image to your audiences that they can relate to. Represent your brand in an honest, authentic way by staying true to your core values.

Here’s one last tip: Use a personalized approach to encourage loyalty among your fans and brand ambassadors. The key to creating a powerful video campaign is having a strong community of supporters and followers who willingly and organically promotes your brand and circulates your promotional materials.

Animated Business Video: A Unique Way to Explain Your Business

Businesses are always on the lookout for cost-effective strategies to improve their bottom line, and there are countless wise ways that you can invest your budget in hopes of getting the best returns. Here are major reasons why you should consider an animated business video as part of your overall marketing strategy:

•    They can explain your business idea within a few minutes. When a potential consumer visits your website, a few seconds is all you have to draw their attention and make them interested enough to stay longer and know about your offerings. This means you only have a few seconds to explain your business idea before they can think to click away to another site. An animated business video is not only eye-catching. It can also help you lay out what your business is all about without taking too much of your audience's precious time.

•    Animated online videos can help you boost your web visibility. When people stay longer on your website because of your engaging video presentation, search engines will tag you as something of interest, thus ranking you higher under your target keywords. Animated videos can do wonders for your search optimization, and when you are prominently featured in online searches, more people will likely take notice of your business. YouTube being the world's second largest search engine also says a lot about the power of video explainers as marketing tools.

•    Animated explainers help grow conversions. Not only can they explain the gist of your business, but they can also clearly show how consumers can act on your calls to action, thus boosting your bottom line.

One of the best ways that you can spend your marketing budget is to invest in animated business videos that explain the ins and outs of your business in a more engaging way. Animated videos and explainers not only help you make people understand your offerings but also increase your online visibility in a more efficient manner.

Affordable Web Video Production Company for Business Marketing

Hiring a video production company can be an effective solution if you want to attract the right attention to your product or service. A promotional web video can help spread a word about your business, but you need to invest the right amount of time and money to produce one. The good news is that there are ways that you can get an affordable video to market your video online, and that is by working with a reputable animated video production company that specializes in making promotional videos.

Videos are among the most powerful ways to communicate ideas, making sure that viewers are able to retain the information they have seen and heard through moving graphics and one of a kind sounds. Videos are able to speak to a wide range of audiences at the same time, making them a cost- effective way to deliver a promotional message and tell people why they need your product or service. Animated web videos can achieve all of those, and you can be sure that they can be effective in promoting your business when they are made by a creative and experienced animated video production house.

Hiring an efficient web video production company will help increase your conversion rates. The average consumer would always prefer to watch or see something before they are obligated to read it. Hence, we are likely to bypass written material, but we are likely to be more willing to spend time watching an animated web video. Animation sets you apart from your competition especially when other businesses are using live action promotional videos. Even when your competition decides to animate its promotional message, you can be sure that yours will still be different because a talented company did its characters, story, and animation.

It is more cost effective to produce an animated web video than to shoot a live action advertisement. A reputable web video production company can deliver your video in four to six weeks. Hence, you do not have to wait long, spend a lot of money, and go through a tedious post-production process when you work with a good animated web video production company.

A Great Business Marketing - Sales Video Production Company

Animation provides a great way to tell a story and communicate an important message. It appeals to all ages, and it can be produced in a way that can enthrall a certain age group or a particular type of customer. This is why animated videos can be a great tool for marketing a business, especially when a skilled and experienced sales video production company makes them. Animated sales videos are common online these days. Some sales videos are creatively written and produced that you would not even think of them as promotional material. You can place animated sales videos on landing pages and social media sites.

Animated sales videos are visually appealing, making them hard to ignore. Moving graphics combined with a great story, a fitting background music, and high-quality voice talents make the videos enthralling. Hence, people are inclined to pay attention from start t finish. The animation appeals to their imagination and to their inner child, too. Moreover, it does not take much effort to watch an animated video compared to when you have to read a wall of text.

A talented animated video production company can make a sales video using any style of animation that you want. The best thing about animating your message is you can bring certain things to life for a much lower price. It is more cost effective to produce an animated sales video than shoot a live action advertisement. With animation, you can make animals talk, cars fly, inanimate objects move, and do whatever your imagination tells you.

Reputable companies follow a streamlined production process to reduce their turnaround time and make sure that your video is ready in four to six weeks. Your involvement is guaranteed at all stages of production, too, so you can be sure that the video is made exactly the way you envisioned it. Find an experienced video production company that specializes in animation and contact them for a free consultation to get started.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Animation Marketing Videos for Competent Business Growth

Animation marketing is a growing trend in the business world. With more corporate entities embracing animated ad campaigns as catchy engagement boosters, an animation is making big waves in online marketing. While video, in general, is not an entirely new form of marketing tool, animation has only recently secured its place on the roster and its increasing use in business circles only shows how effective it can truly be in getting messages across.

Well-produced and thoughtfully designed animated videos created for advertising and promotions are extremely effective in getting people's attention and keeping them engaged. They are very useful for publicity and exposure not only to existing clients but most especially to potential consumers. Animated videos and ad campaigns are innovative tools that truly work to boost your online presence, create a lasting impression on audiences, and expand your reach, all of which contribute to your business' overall competency and growth.

Marketing through animated videos helps you mark and expand your territory on the web. From basic flash ads to animated shorts and full-length promotional videos, using animation is an incredible way to attract people and compel them to want to know more about your product. They make brands more interesting, and they allow you to level with your audiences better in terms of the kind of language, tone, and visual messages that they understand and can relate with.

Animated ads are flexible mediums. They enable you to go where filmed ads and static marketing tools can't. With animation, anything is possible, which makes abstract thoughts and concepts easier to convey. Advanced technology makes this even more possible. Finally, animation leaves lasting impressions on viewers, which is extremely important if you want them to keep coming back for more. This level of engagement is critical if you want your business to grow.

Animated Web Video Production: The Power of Animation to Promote Your Brand

The video is such a ubiquitous presence across the World Wide Web because audiences demand content that is rich, dynamic, and engaging. It is a warm, visually rich, and compelling medium that caters to all the senses, thus helping marketers transfer messages with much less friction than typical text copies. Consumers of content love to be pampered with compelling images and to receive messages while avoiding unnecessary exertion on their part. This is why many businesses are now seeing the benefit of capitalizing on the natural advantages of video promotion.

Animations are only one form of video promotion that can help you reap great ROI and strengthen promotion for your business. It is also an increasingly popular subset that more and more marketers are using not only because of its clear audience draw, but because it is something that is dynamic, enjoyable, and cost-effective to produce. With animation, you cut costs of having to pay and work with a large pool of creative teams, equipment managers, actors, and the like, while also avoiding the worries and hassles of different factors that are outside of your control, such as the weather for filming. Almost all elements of animated videos can easily be controlled within the confines of a production room.

Perhaps more importantly, the nature of animated content makes animated ads inherently more appealing than their live action counterparts. Some audiences may struggle to connect with actors on a screen, especially when the talent you got isn't as compelling or believable whereas broad-themed drawings are a lot easier to identify with. Animated ads help create a deeper connection with audiences and give viewers the opportunity to fill narrative gaps (if any) with their personal experiences, which deepens their connection and investment on the video even more. Animated web videos are such popular content online for good reason—because they work.

Animated Corporate Videos Give Your Company a Marketing Edge

Animation is typically associated as something that appeals only to children, but the colorful visuals, creatively designed characters, playful sounds, and voice talents can appeal to all ages. If you want to make your company stand out from the competition, then you should consider creating an animated corporate video with the help of a production company that specializes in it. Here are some of the ways that an animated corporate video can give your company a marketing edge:

It shows that you care about the needs of your customers – Many people prefer to watch something rather than read lengthy text. Humans naturally have shorter attentions spans, and in this busy world, most people can’t devote 15 to 20 minutes to reading. Hence, they would rather watch a two to three minute video. When you produce an animated corporate video, you can condense all ideas and messages in a two to three-minute presentation, so you do not have to worry about your audience losing interest halfway through the show.

It can be more convincing and enthralling than conventional sales talk – As much as possible, animated corporate videos don’t use traditional advertising and sales tactics to promote something. Instead, they appeal to your audience's senses and emotions through enthralling audio and mesmerizing imagery. Moreover, an animated corporate video keeps the message brief and concise, making it more memorable with the help of colorful images and high-quality audio.

Set the trend – When most companies turn to traditional promotional methods, you can turn to animated corporate videos to create and deliver unique content that has never been seen or used before.

It is important for an animated corporate video to be properly produced with your needs and marketing goals in mind. Hence, find a reputable animated video production company that involves you in all stages of production. They should be able to deliver an effective and reasonably priced animated corporate video in only a few weeks.

An Overview of Sales Video Production

Video production may seem like an ambitious and expensive venture for a small business, but investing in a high-quality sales video will ensure excellent returns. Sales video production is a cost effective strategy to market your brand. A well-produced sales video will increase your online visibility, direct more traffic to your website, and increase your sales. Using a sales video on your landing pages and social media sites will draw your target audience to your business.

One of the best types of sales videos is the animated variant, which is more cost effective to produce than a live action video. Some video production companies can deliver the finished animated sales video to you in four to six weeks. With animation, you can think of any scenario—no matter how impossible—and bring it to life. You can make inanimate objects talk or move, make an animal behave like a human, or create a unique world that suits your product or service.

With well-made animated sales videos, you can explain your product or service more effectively and tell a story using a creatively made metaphor that will help people relate to what you have to offer and understand how it can benefit their lives. Animated sales videos can be a crucial part of your company's promotional and sales campaigns, and you can be sure to achieve your marketing and sales goals with them.

Videos are often capable of effectively telling a story and delivering a memorable message to people using enthralling visuals, music, voice acting, and a well-written plot. It is for this reason that videos are also being used to promote a business or a cause. Sales videos are especially entertaining and memorable when they are properly made and produced by a professional production company. 

A Technique for Business Marketing - Viral Video Agency

‘Viral’ videos are those that quickly become popular within a short amount of time. Many different reasons can make a video become highly popular and go viral. Perhaps it has a shock factor, is fun to watch, or involves an element of surprise. A video can also turn viral when it is unique and has a good story. Likewise, a video might go viral and be shared countless times when it has enthralling imagery with excellent sound. Viral videos ultimately became useful for businesses, and if you have never tried it as a marketing strategy, then you should consider consulting with a viral video production agency about it.

All the factors that make a video go viral can be manipulated and incorporated in a marketing video for your business. A viral video does not have to be extremely well made—as long as sharing is facilitated with social media marketing and advertising, the video will make its way around the internet and be watched by thousands of people around the world. Hence, the aim of viral video agencies is to create unique and original explainer videos that are designed for attracting and retaining the viewer attention within the first five to seven seconds.

Viral video agencies combine proven search engine optimization strategies to drive attention to your video. Using appropriate and relevant metadata like proper descriptions, tags, and titles can help. When combined with aggressive marketing methods, your video is sure to go spread and attract more viewers.

A well produced animated marketing video can effectively catch the attention of your target audience and induce laughter, shock, and awe. This is why it makes sense to work with a professional animated video production company. Be sure to hire a reputable viral video agency that understands how these types of videos work and how they can be promoted effectively online.

Monday, 2 November 2015

4 Ways to Make Your Explainer Videos Optimal for Marketing

A good explainer video can hook new customers and dramatically increase sales. You might be wondering—why are videos so effective in marketing? That’s because the human brain is hardwired to detect motion. In a sea of words that is the internet, an explainer video stands out and is likely to be noticed. Having an explainer video on your home page can potentially increase the rate at which passive visitors become buying consumers. But to be successful, your explainer video needs to be optimal for marketing to begin with. How do you ensure this? Here are some tips.

1. Use motion to hit two birds with one stone: information and entertainment. The creative and effective use of movement in a visual format combined with an entertaining overview of your message or product separates a great explainer video from a bad one. Why not try animated videos?

2. Keep it short. Explain everything in less than a minute because your audience doesn’t have time to watch a lengthy video. Show everything a potential customer needs to know about your company: who you are, exactly what you do or produce, and why they should use your services or products.

3. Make it your goal to evoke emotion. The most engaging explainer videos build thoughtful and meaningful visual stories, often using characters, to tug at the emotions of whoever is watching. Go for an explainer video that is loaded with information combined with heartfelt entertainment.

4. Hire a video production company for professional results. A homemade video with low resolution, bad lighting, and a noisy background will only make your company look amateur. Leave your explainer video in the hands of experts to get the best results—videos that you will be proud to put on your website and distribute on social media platforms.

Are you ready to create an explainer video for your new product or service? Try animation, which combines all the elements that make a video optimal for marketing. Talk to an animated video expert to explore your choices. 

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Animated Short Videos – Now You Can Create a High Quality One!

An animated short video can boost your marketing campaign and contribute to your branding efforts. Animated promotional videos can boost your company's image because it can make your target audience think that you are a tech-savvy and respectable business. While this type of video may seem like a trend, it is effective in boosting your conversions by up to 64 percent when prominently positioned on your landing page. If an animated short video is not yet in your marketing strategy, then it is time to find a reputable video production agency that can make you one.

Look for a good video production company that specializes in animation. Make sure that the company has years of experience in making animated marketing and business videos for a wide range of industries. This way, they can take time to understand your needs and create a high-quality animated video about your product or service with the aim of boosting conversions and increasing your online visibility and presence.

Most viewers relate to videos due to the moving pictures, sound, imagery, voices, and the fact that they can learn and understand the message in a few seconds (unlike when they have to read a print ad or a brochure). This is because the average viewer has a short attention span, so they would rather spend time doing something else than read. Adding an animated video to your marketing strategy can help make a better impression of your business into the minds of your target customers.

A short animated video can explain information in a simple way so that even the average viewer can understand what you are trying to promote to them. The video will explain the product and how it works without static images and charts that may intimidate the audience. Animated short videos can be anything from educational and training videos to explainer videos.

Animated Corporate Video Engaging more Customers

Marketing is all about engaging audiences and creating awareness about a specific product, service, brand, or business. Whether you are selling an idea to the general public or your stakeholders, you need a compelling way to present your value proposition; otherwise they will see you as just another business they can reject. Making your corporate presentations more engaging and compelling is key to attracting more business partners and clients and sparking their curiosity enough to want to know more about what you can offer. While some may think that corporate business settings have no space for juvenile things like cartoons and animations, you will be surprised at how they can improve your presentations and marketing efforts.

Animated videos are extremely effective in terms of attracting attention and keeping audiences glued to their screens. Combined with killer graphics and a cohesive narrative, animated corporate videos can truly be a powerful tool to help you keep your audiences engaged and interested. More than being attention grabbers, animated videos serve as practical means to demonstrate concepts and abstract ideas that may be hard to illustrate otherwise. In this way, they help create better awareness of the message you are trying to convey. Done well, an animated corporate video will go a long way to selling your business and attracting more people to your doorstep.

Animated videos keep audiences occupied. They make use of multiple senses to arouse interest and evoke emotions in the viewer. Animations are also very flexible mediums of communication in that they appeal to all ages. While they may seem too juvenile for the grown up world of business, they are actually among the most effective means to communicate complex ideas and concepts to audiences, target clients, and even potential business partners. They make information more digestible and help create a strong engagement between customers.

Grab Attention with Business Promotional Videos

Adding a promotional video to your business website allows you to reach out to your target market and let them know of your latest offers in a more engaging way. There are many benefits to posting a professionally-produced promotional video on your home page, and below are just some of them:

Increase online visibility
Did you know Google owns YouTube, and as a consequence, Google tends to rank websites with YouTube videos on them better? If your business website incorporates a promotional video hosted on YouTube, it will score more points with the search engines—and this gives you a big advantage that your competitors might not have. Simply upload your video to YouTube and embed it to your website to enjoy fantastic search engine optimization benefits.

Better visitor engagement
The Video is an exciting way of communicating with people who visit your website. Watching a well-produced business promotional video requires less effort than reading blocks of text, too. Studies even show that most people tend to remember the information conveyed audio visually better than they retain information they read.

Say more with less
Complex ideas can be hard to communicate using written words or static images. A business video presentation immediately brings your message to life in a memorable and relatable manner.

Promotional video marketing
When visitors to our website like your video, they will likely forward its link to their friends and colleagues, or share it with their social media network. This ultimately drives more traffic to your website, creates a buzz about what you are offering, and helps you build a brand.

Use it anywhere
That video doesn’t have to stay just on your website—you can also play it on a big screen during trade shows and even make it a part of your employee orientation and recruitment programs. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

All You Need To Know About Startup Demo Video

Start-up business might have a tight budget, but that does not mean that it cannot carry out a marketing campaigns. Promotional videos are usually not the first option in the minds of start-up business owners when it comes to promoting their business. If you own a start-up business, you do not have to limit yourself to print ad and typical web promotion by using social media, blogging, SEO, and your website. There are video production companies that can make a high-quality demo video for your business, even on a minimal budget. This way, you can effectively promote your product or service and stay competitive in the market.

A start up demo video can be at least ten times more affordable than a marketing campaign with a huge budget, but it can be as effective as the expensive promotional options. Reputable video production companies can create a startup demo video that is effective and properly targeted to create a buzz that can make people notice your business. To do this, the company understands your unique idea and thinks of a good and one of a kind promotional strategy to show that. You can place the start-up demo video on your website and use it to make a sales pitch. It can be shared in social media sites, too. If it is well done, it may go viral and spread quickly to attract more viewers and improve your conversions.

The visuals and images were seen, and the voices and sound heard from videos are more likely to be remembered by an average viewer. Hence, they can deliver more information that is easy to remember compared to when they are presented in written format and in charts. Videos have better recall, making them effective in branding (which is crucial for start-ups, too). When you have a high-quality animated start-up demo video, then you can effectively communicate your idea, tell people what makes it unique and how it is different, and make sure that you can connect with your audience.

A Few Reasons Why Viral Video Agency is Amazing

Videos have always been among the most powerful means to communicate a message or idea, and they continuously evolve with the help of reputable video production agencies. These agencies are experts in creating videos work and help your business succeed and get promoted online. One of the ways that they can achieve this is through viral videos, which are designed to become popular within a short span of time. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider hiring a viral video agency and why you should consider this type of video for your business:

Professional video production companies know what can get people's attention. Viral videos quickly become popular because of the surprise, fun, or shock elements that are involved in them. Most videos are widely viewed due to their story, uniqueness, and soundtrack, too. Moreover, viral videos can easily be shared, and people will not hesitate to share then when they are visible and easy to find in the social media sites.

The agency can manipulate all elements of a good viral video into your advertising message. Sharing can be initiated with social media advertising and regular advertising in your blog or website, but remember that the audience is the one that will decide whether to make your message spread or not.

The video will be tailored to what your target audience wants to see. Viral video agencies take a bit of time to research your target audience and determine your message before writing the script and storyboard. This way, they can be sure to make an original and unique video that is catchy and will entice anyone to look within the first five to seven seconds.

Optimized for web sharing. More video production agencies are adept and knowledgeable in search engine optimization. They understand how it works, too, and how it is crucial for your video to go viral. Hence, they use appropriate and relevant metadata for the description, tags, and title of your video.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Things You Should Look Out for Before Hiring Business Video Animation Professionals

Now that you have decided to embrace video animation as a part of your overall marketing tactic, hiring a professional video animation company should be first on your list of things to do, especially when you lack the in house talent to do the job. While video production can very easily be taken over by your on-site marketers, it is still best to get experienced hands on board to increase your chances of success.

One mistake many business owners make when it comes to producing explainers and business video animations is treating production projects as added expense instead of a profitable investment. Business videos are important investments because they are extremely effective in getting messages across to potential consumers and existing patrons. In the world where target audiences are most easily hooked by impactful visuals, animations and business videos rule marketing vehicles. They are one of the best ways to set yourself apart and differentiate your business from hundreds of other companies within your domain. Dominating the competition is all about impressing your audiences and simplifying messages in a way that consumers can digest better.

Apart from standard qualifications like good credentials, years of experience, and recommendations from previous clients, there are many other things that you should look for in a reliable video animation firm. First is a diverse work portfolio that showcases their previous projects. This will help you gauge the company's capacities as well as whether or not they can capture the exact look and feel of the business video you want to produce and broadcast. Choose a company that offers comprehensive production and marketing services, on top of other solutions that can ultimately help you enhance your audience and consumer engagement. Find a company that specializes in different motion graphic styles and marketing video types, from explainers to animations, web shorts, viral videos, instructional videos, product demos, and more.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Create a Facebook Video to Boost Your Traffic

The average American views his or her Facebook newsfeed about 14 times a day. Facebook itself claims that four billion videos are being watched in their platform each day. These facts are proof that creating a good video to post on Facebook can be an effective way to boost your website traffic. The world's leading social media site even released the Premium Video Ads campaign in 2013 to help businesses promote themselves more effectively using their platform.

Facebook's premium video ad is an information-rich storytelling format designed for advertisers and it provides your business a good way to increase brand awareness in a short period— as long as your target customer pays attention to your ad. Hence, you need to make sure that your Facebook video is well-made with a unique and attractive concept to engage more viewers.

To make the video more effective, consider uploading it directly to Facebook, and upload it again in YouTube. The social media platform is more likely to show a directly uploaded video to more people, so consider that if you want to increase the views. Use the 'call to action' feature to drive more traffic to your site using the video. Remember to edit the title of the video and make it SEO-friendly, add a description and use appropriate hash tags on it, and choose an attractive thumbnail.

Facebook videos are popular mediums with advertisers and businesses that are launching new products. They can encourage loyalty among your customers and even prompt them to tell their friends and family about you. Videos can be a cost-effective way to have a large-scale and lasting impact in the minds of your target customers, but for best results, you need to be sure to hire a reputable and experienced video production company.

Corporate Animated Videos Becoming Viral on the Web

There is no mathematical or any strictly calculated formula, rules, or steps that you should follow to make a video go viral. Many times, viral videos happen organically, but there certain qualities you should consider achieving and mistakes you should avoid if you want to increase your corporate video's chances of going viral. Here are some basic tips to help you make a corporate viral animation:

Keep things short. Examine viral videos from the last two years and you will find two things in common—humor and length. Of the two, the latter is an ever-important quality you should strive to achieve when creating a corporate video for online consumption. Excessively long presentations are boring, and there's always the danger of losing viewer interest, which further hurts your chances of going viral. Short videos with engaging and well-rounded content are more attractive to viewers and are shared more often.

Humor is key. Comedy catches people's attention, and funny videos help you grab them and keep them. The most popularly watched videos on the world's most used video engine (YouTube) are those with comedic value. This is essential because when people search for videos, they are usually looking for fun and entertainment, and humor tickles the right spots in their experience.

Longevity is important. Viral videos persist. They are never one-day wonders. A successful viral video is not only one that gets shared many times over in a span of a day but in a span of many days, or even weeks. To make a video more viral than a one-day wonder, you must keep it alive and active by a promotion. Viral video promotion helps you share and spread your content in all possible media and social network, thus increasing your publicity and staying power in the minds of your target audiences.

Benefits of Investing In Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are not merely shown to introduce and explain what your product is about. They are useful for advertising and promoting your business online, too. An explainer video is typically two to three minutes long, which is good enough to answer all the important questions and provide information about your product or service. Your business could benefit more with an explainer video, even if you have a good SEO program and your website is getting a decent amount of traffic. An explainer video may help increase conversions and widen your customer base.

An average consumer is more likely to buy a product or sign up for a service if he or she knows that it can do for him or her. An explainer video can help convey your idea or message to the viewer in a more concise way. Moreover, a well-crafted video will engage the customer and make him pay more attention to your message and encourage brand recall. Explainer videos may help boost your image as a professional business, too, because they show that you are willing to invest time and money to tell people about your business properly.

An explainer video can make your business stand out, especially if it is creatively made with high-quality sound, visuals, and a story. Animated explainer videos are good examples of this because they are catchy, innovative, fun to watch, and entertaining enough to make viewers pay attention and remember what the message is about.

The Promotion is another reason for investing in high-quality animated explainer videos. You can upload the video in your social media sites to spread awareness about your product or service. This way, you can reach more people without relying too much on your website to promote your message. Customers can learn more about your product or service when they see your video on YouTube or Facebook, then follow through by visiting your actual website.

Advantages of Social Media Marketing Videos

The best thing about videos is that they have the power potential to transmit complicated information in a short and easy to understand manner. A simple 30-second video can communicate tons of data—historical, academic, or even emotional—better than a large block of text or a static image can. It’s no wonder why social media marketers now use a lot of animated videos to stand out from the crowd.

Videos Go Viral
In the noisy world of Facebook posts, videos still get the most attention and are likelier to be shared. Facebook videos tend to receive better engagement rates—about 40 percent higher, in fact. An animated video, in particular, can be a powerful marketing tool in social media. They are cute and interesting—and people love to share them with friends and family.

YouTube is another social media platform that proves just how powerful videos can be in getting the word out about a product or service. Even if your animated video does not go viral, it will still gain thousands (and even millions) of views over its lifetime if it is useful and instructive. Social media marketers also use YouTube videos to get better rankings on Google. Never has video content been so powerful.

Videos Can Transcend Social Media
Animation and video assets can be posted not just on social media, but also used for television, direct mail campaigns, DVDs, and even trade shows and client presentations. Your marketing dollar will go a long way.

Choosing an Animation / Video Production Company
The key to succeeding in video marketing for social media is to work with an animation production company that truly listens to your needs and takes time to understand your goals. They should also be able to work with your budget and time constraints. 

5 Easy Ways to Find Animated Promotional Videos

Animated promotional videos provide a fun and entertaining way to tell people about your business. To make a high-quality animated promotional video, you need to work with a reputable video production company that specializes in animation. This way, you can be sure that you can rely on skilled and creative individuals who are capable of making an attractive video that can help boost your sales and promote your brand. Here are five easy ways to find the right animation studio that can create your promotional video:

1. Make sure that they specialize in animation. Choose a video production company that has years of experience in making animated videos for a wide range of businesses. They are likelier to have a reliable and streamlined process in place to minimize turnaround time.

2. Pick a company that keeps you involved in all production stages. A good animated video company always consults with their clients before making any crucial decision. Hence, they take time to know your business and your product or service, and they always ask for your approval before finalizing a script, character design, and other important aspects involved in making the animated promotional video.

3. View their portfolio. Look up samples of the animated promotional videos they have produced for other businesses. This way, you can determine the overall quality of their work and see if their style suits your promotional goals. See the amount of videos that they have made. The more high-quality videos they have, the better they are likely to perform for you.

4. How did their samples make you feel? Did you like the animation? Were the video and voiceover clear? Was the story interesting? These factors should help you decide whether to hire them or not.

5. Look up testimonials – Find reviews and feedback on the animation company to learn what other clients would have to say about them. This is a good way to determine the quality of customer service that the company has.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

7 Reliable Sources to Learn About Educational Animation

Walt Disney once said, "Animation offers a medium of storytelling which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages." This says a lot about the value of the medium in education. Below are some of the most reliable resources you can use to learn about educational animation online and explore tools and mediums that can best be used for and shared with students:

•    Animation for Education – an incredible support system for educators that helps teachers and schools (primary to higher education) become more skilled and willing learners by making animation accessible.

•    Voki – Voki adds an interesting twist to lecture and communication by allowing educators to create and use avatars that speak on their behalf. Voki can be used to record or type messages and then send or embed then on a particular site.

•    Animwork – a guide to help educators learn more about how to use animation to teach. It includes basic animation principles and how to create good stories and which tools to use.

•    Devolver – this quick animation tool features sleek backgrounds and bizarre characters that guide students through lessons and help educators make a point. Devolver also offers a unique interactive element that allows students to email educators about their interpretation of lessons and theories.

•    GoAnimate for Schools – a quick and easy one-stop-shop for creating custom animations.

•    Make It Share It – educators with a knack for drawing figures and cartoons will enjoy this online tool, which also allows quick and easy animation.

•    Mixeek – Mixeek is a free software that enables users to design and create web animations based on programming languages like CSS3, JavaScript, and HTML5.

10 Quick Tips about Video Presentation Companies

Video presentations can help make a meeting more successful and encourage participants to retain more information compared to when they sit and listen to someone talking endlessly for hours. Video production companies can help make any type of video presentation for your business or non-profit organization. Here are 10 quick tips that can help you find and hire the right video presentation company:

1.    Look for an experienced company that specializes in video production – View their portfolio, watch their samples, and pick a professional company that has years of experience in producing videos for a wide range of businesses and industries.

2.    See the industries that the company has worked for – Experienced and reputable companies are flexible and can make videos for education, government, healthcare, human resources, charities and non-profit organizations, public relations, manufacturing and logistics, and finance sectors.

3.    Try animation – Look for a company that can do animated presentation videos. Animation can be a fun, entertaining, or enthralling way to share information and learn something new.

4.    Explore the video services – Skilled video presentation companies can produce anything from marketing videos to training videos. Look for a company that can create videos for sales, websites, social media, product or service overview, and corporate presentations, and consider a company with experience in making successful viral videos.

5.    Check out the motion graphic styles – Reputable video presentation companies can do both 2D and 3D animated videos, as well as whiteboard animation, infographics, custom videos, and live action.

6.    Review their video production process – A good company should involve you in every aspect of the production.

7.    Choose a company that values your opinion and approval – Professional companies do not work on the project all by themselves. They check with you before proceeding to gain your approval, in case some revisions must be made on the script, storyboard, and other aspects of the video.

8.    Determine how long it would take for the video to be delivered – Some of the best video presentation companies can deliver your video within four to six weeks.

9.    Choose a video presentation company that has a talented pool of voice talents – Make sure that they can cover a wide range of languages and accents, and that they are flexible to suit your needs.

10.     Look for a company that provides free consultation – This can help you get started on a video presentation project and help the company understand your business and your goals.

10 Facts about YouTube Video Creation Service That Will Blow Your Mind

The value of video marketing is undeniable and studies have time and again proven just how it positively impacts brand awareness, improves website optimization, and influences and facilitates buying decisions. Here are some fascinating facts about YouTube and video marketing that you can use to enhance your strategies:

•    A survey by eMarketer cites that 32% of mothers regard watching videos as a daily smart phone activity, along with social media engagement and texting. This only means that targeting this demographic is becoming increasingly easier through video.

•    According to Marketing Land, 42% of videos are shared within the first 3 days of being seen. Video creators take advantage of this window as they space out content publication.

•    Another survey from Marketing Land states that 8.6% of people who share videos do so on a daily basis, which can only mean great things for video marketers who rely on their content, going viral.

•    People discuss current events on channels and platforms that support video. According to e-Marketer, 71% of surveyed people discuss news events on Face book and 21% discuss current events on Twitter. This opens up doors for video content that touch upon these significant topics.

•    Top social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) have their own or are soon to have video upload capabilities. In fact, Facebook is gearing up to rival YouTube as the social network develops video capabilities similar to the video giant.

•    US Teens' top social networks support video. MarketingCharts states that 76% of US teens are on Instagram, 45% are on Facebook, and 59% are on Twitter by the fall of 2014. This makes these video-supporting platforms great avenues to push viral video content targeted at this particular demographic.

•    Video interactions are growing on social media sites, particularly on Facebook, which is starting to make a run for YouTube's share according to Social Bakers.

•    YouTube's viewers are approximately 44% female and 56% male, the majority of which are between 12 and 17 years—something to remember when creating video content for general public consumption.

10 Creative Ways to Improve Your Animated Viral Videos

Maximizing marketing results through animated videos has a lot to do with going viral. Here are ways to increase your chances of making your animation the next viral hit:

•    Make it compelling. You don't need a cat playing the piano to catch people's attention. A compelling video is one with content that addresses your target audiences' needs. (how-to videos, FAQs, and animated demos, come to mind)

•    Conduct video SEO. This will make your video searchable not only in but also outside of YouTube.

•    Brand your channel. Branding your channel means creating a branded experience for your viewers on YouTube. This also makes your video channel a destination in and of itself, where you can extend marketing efforts.

•    Use annotations. Adding annotations and hidden nuggets, along with clickable calls to action helps build your subscribers and direct them to other things you have to offer.

•    Leverage bulletin alerts. Creating a bulletin helps notify your subscribers and peers about what's new about your business or channel.

•    Adopt YouTube ads. People now treat YouTube as a classic search engine and bidding on keywords like you would on Google's pay-per-click scheme is now possible. Another type of YouTube advertising comes in the form of promoted video or CTA ads (call-to-action ads), which are clickable and enable users to click over to the advertisers’ website.

•    Turn to social media. Leveraging other platforms is the beauty of connectivity. Videos are now more shareable through blogs and social sites, which allow you to share links or embed videos and usher in a viral boom.

•    Review analytics. YouTube Insights and Google Analytics are only some of the best tools you can use to gain insight into people who are consuming your content.

•    Create a strong message. To maximize the power of your animated video, you need to center them on a message that appeals not only to your target people but also to a wider variety of audiences. Weaving others in allows you to expand the audience base that will be willing to share your viral content.

•    Shock and awe. Push the envelope when conceptualizing your video and always look for a WOW factor, which is exactly what compels people to push and share content.

6 Useful Tips to Improve Animated Business Videos

Creating a killer animated video for your business is all in your production approach. Here are some useful tips you can follow to enhance your video animations:

•    A well-written script forms the foundation of a successful explainer animation. Many times, it helps to have an outside voice who understands exactly what you are trying to convey when conceptualizing your video's script. This outsider will not only cast a new look into your concept but bring fresh ideas into the table to make your video even more effective. Professional production firms are filled with experienced people like these who can add real value to your business video.

•    The shorter your video is, the better. Remember that the less you say, the better people will be able to recall what your video is all about. Most of the time, all you need is a hook to get people interested enough to take the next step.

•    A well animated business explainer keeps it simple and focuses on basic things like the problem, the proposed solution, how this solution works/its value, and a call to action.

•    Explain product benefits and not its features, value rather than specs. When launching a product, it is tempting to show off as many features and specifications as you can in your video. While this is also important, be sure that you tag these features with the benefits or value they offer to customers, which is quite honestly, all that really matters to them. Leave the tech-specs on your written copy, unless they are major features that absolutely need a mention.

•    Don't ruin a perfectly good animation with poor audio. Use a professional voice that can deliver your message well.

•    Finally, don't forget to have fun creating your animation. This will resonate with your target audience because it will show in the quality of the end product and the voice and tone of the entire video.

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Need of Video Optimization Services for Every Business

A study conducted by AC Nielsen in 2011 found that about 76 percent of Americans spend approximately 43 hours every month on the internet. While they are online, they view over 3,237 web pages, and that includes videos. More than 21 billion videos were watched online in 2012. These numbers indicate that video optimization is a crucial service if you have a video marketing plan. Optimization lets you effortlessly reach your target market and make sure that the right people are watching your marketing and promotional videos.

Video marketing can be an effective tool to promote your business, expand its reach, and gain more customers. All types of companies—from small startups to large corporations—can strengthen and improve their marketing strategy with video marketing and video optimization services.

Video optimization is an aspect of search engine optimization that aims to attract the right viewers and prospective customers to your website through multimedia, like videos. Video optimization is deemed successful when it helps generate more profit for the business.

Video marketing with high-quality video optimization may result to a heightened promotional experience for viewers. You can directly share your ideas, goals, services, and thoughts to viewers through videos, and make sure that the audience can retain and remember information that you shared. Video marketing with effective optimization may lead to more demand for your products and services.

Videos do not need to feature models or actors—in fact, you will probably get better results with an animated video. Cartoons are easier to produce, with minimal turnaround times and effective results. A well-made animated video will always appeal to viewers of any age, both children and adults. You can be creative with your animated videos because unlike human actors, cartoons don’t’ have limitations. You can go ahead and design unique characters, inject humor, and use bright and playful colors (as long as they all reflect your marketing goals and your company). 

Marketing your Product or Services with Product Overview Video

Overview videos are an innovative and refreshing way to tell people about your company and its products and services. It is easy to create these videos with help from a skilled and reputable video production company. An animated product overview video can be a better and more engaging way to present information to potential clients than conventional brochures, websites with a lot of texts, and PowerPoint slides.

The most important information about your products and services will be presented in your overview video, and everything will be delivered in a short and more entertaining way. This lets viewers truly remember the information that they have just seen and heard. You can rely on the video to give clients an overview of your product or service during a conference, trade show, or seminar, and in your website.

A product overview video must be attractive and entice people to purchase your product. The more entertaining it is, the better. Did you know that videos are among the most effective and powerful forms of content in social media, too? If you do not have a marketing video and your competitor has one, then you are at risk of losing customers.

The good news is you do not need to spend a lot of money on a full-blown commercial. A simpler product overview video can do the job of attracting people's attention and encouraging them to buy what you are offering. And even if they do not buy your product, they can still remember it and its brand name because of your video.

Upload the video on YouTube, share it on your social media sites, and make it available for viewing on your website. Do not forget to add a live link to the description field in the YouTube video, so viewers can follow through and visit your website if they want to learn more about your products and services.

Make Money by Creating Videos for Website

Video marketing is one of the most effective means to make money online. The video is powerful dynamic content, allowing you to share the information in a direct and more appealing manner. Many people find static, written content a lot more difficult to understand than moving images and narrations that feed them what they need to know. Most web users also prefer watching videos than reading content. Producing video for profit is a highly viable means to earn money online. With video, you can realize pre-sale labor, deliver relevant content, generate web traffic, take advantage of viral marketing, as well as generate significant commissions via affiliate marketing.

There are also several ways that you can create different types of videos to market, ranging from recording your screen as in tutorials and product walk-throughs to integrating a camera on your PC and recording yourself while doing product reviews. Today, however, producing business-quality marketing videos such as explainer animation and product demos are the best ways to make money through online video production. With more and more businesses realizing the value of video in marketing, developers have greater and better opportunities to innovate and improve on video production. You can revolutionize the industry not only to earn a profit but also to help business owners and online entrepreneurs find more refined ways to market their products and services.

Online video production firms and agencies are experiencing a great boom in business, especially with the high demand for website videos from online retailers, corporations, SMEs, and independent organizations. If you have a knack for creating videos, you can make your talent profitable by lending your skills to business owners or joining an established firm where you can grow and share your vision and creativity with like-minded individuals and professionals who want to make the World Wide Web a better place for businesses and consumers alike.

How to Create an Educational Animation Video That Connects With Your Audience

The animation is no longer just for entertaining children—they are now also used as educational and informative tools. Properly targeted educational animated videos enable consultants, educators, and corporations to deliver and share information, concepts, and ideas with people from various backgrounds in a more fun and engaging way. The animation is for all ages, so it should be easy to connect with your audience with an animated video. To get best results, make sure that your education animated video is made by a reputable and talented animation company.

An educational animated video must be brief and precise. Hence, animation companies that specialize in creating educational and promotional videos will take time to learn about your goals and intended outcome. You must be involved in the production process, too, so you can be sure that everything is made according to what you envision. Professional scriptwriters will take note of the most important information that you need to share with your audience and incorporate them into the animated video.

Animation can be a great educational tool and an opportunity to combine learning with imagination, but it will be unsuccessful if it lacks information and essence, and if it fails to engage your audience. This is why it is important to make sure that the animated video can bring your subject and concepts to life with high-quality animation and the appropriate audio, such as sound effects, music, and voice acting.

The process of creating an educational animation video usually starts with research and creating the script, which you can revise at least twice before it is finalized. You can choose voice actors based on your requirements and how you want the characters or the narrator to sound. You can also involve yourself in the character design and creation of the storyboard. Expert animators can usually deliver the educational animation video in four to six weeks.

Company Intro Video for a More Successful Business

Engaging viewers in a highly competitive business world requires great creativity and the use of innovative mediums and channels with the ability to grab and keep their attention. Attracting visitors doesn't necessarily mean fancy text and graphics on your site. You will be surprised how a simple website layout with all the right elements can help you succeed in your online goals. When your visitors are bombarded with all kinds of unnecessary fluff in your website, they will lose sight of what they came there for and leave your page in frustration to find refuge in your competitor's better-presented business. A straightforward website enhanced by well-made company intro video is a great way to ease your potential customers into your business.

An introductory video helps you set the hook for the ten second window that you have to capture your visitor's attention before they click away and escape your grasp forever. The video is the very thing you need to avoid overwhelming audiences with too much information, the moment they step into your site. It is a welcome invitation that keeps them engaged, entertained, and informed.

A company website's homepage is the perfect instrument to make a good first impression on visitors. Introductory videos help you do just that and make people want to dig deeper or keep coming back for more of what you can offer. They summarize what they company is all about, explain your products and services in detail, introduce people to your terminologies, and engage and connect with viewers in a way that no other website content can. Video offers such value in the success of a business because it improves user engagement, increases brand awareness, aids in search engine optimization, and helps attract more potential consumers, all of which translate to greater profitability and sure success.

Cartoon Animation Videos for Your Children and Students

Just how effective are current teaching methods in imparting knowledge to children? With all the distractions the digital age offers, disinterest in static activities like reading and sitting down for lectures is a clear and present challenge in classroom and home education settings. It is high time for real development in the education system, starting with how information is relayed to them. There is a reason cartoons with educational formats are such a big hit with young kids (and older ones alike).

How much knowledge can children retain by reading text or listening to their teachers talk? While they might be able to gain sufficient facts to help them pass exams, it's hard to tell whether they really understood what was taught or if they gained enough familiarity with the subject to take with them as they advance through school and life. As humanity develops in different fields, the education system (or at least the tools we use to impart knowledge) must also develop with us. This is where cartoon animation videos take center stage.

The success of children's programs like Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues lies in their educational value. Taking from their older grandfathers like Sesame Street and similar learning programs, videos and more recently, cartoon animation videos are efficient tools for teaching and conveying complex information. They offer a method of learning that is not only fun but productive, helping students retain their focus better and allowing them to comprehend better what is being taught.

Many-a-study have found that people tend to recall and understand information better when they are presented visually and in the form of a story. Cartoon animation videos provide children and students with well explained visuals that keep them engaged and focused, which further results in better comprehension and retention of what they learned. When information is broken down into bite-size pieces and explained with good visual parallels, even complex lessons become easier for children to understand.

Career Opportunities in 3D Animation Videos and Multimedia

According to's September 2014 data, 3D animators make an estimate of $29,000 to $77,000 a year, varying across locations and exact job titles. Today, there is a huge chance that they make more, given the demand for 3D animation and multimedia video marketing. If you are wondering what career opportunities await you in the world of 3D animation, digital video, and multimedia industry, here are some things that you should know about:

A career in 3D animation primarily involves creating three-dimensional moving images with the help of computer software. These images are typically made by using digital models, after which details are added ranging from hairs to skin, clothing, and other items that complete a particular scene like grass, trees, and backdrops.

Types of animations vary depending on what an end product requires. There are 3D animators that specialize in creating effects and elements for long feature movies while others focus on shorter animations such as short kits, often used for website animations or advertisements. Others still, specialize in 3D animations for video games and live action motion pictures.

Depending on your area of expertize, you may also choose to specialize in creating various elements or aspects of an animation, such as designing animated people or completing background animation such as buildings and landscapes.

In any case, a 3D animator will most likely work with different kinds of production people to create an animated scene. These may include writers and directors, voice actors, and even musical scorers.

The median salary for 3D animators, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is roughly $58,000 annually, but more successful animators can make well over $100,000 yearly, depending on the state they are living in and the industry they are working within.

A technical career, 3D animation requires specialized knowledge especially when it comes to animation tools.

5 Ways You Can Benefit from Explainer Animation

Explainer videos could be your next best marketing move, now that you have your website set-up to entertain visitors. Here are five ways that you can benefit from producing explainer animation marketing videos for your business:

They enhance visitor engagement. Visitors tend to groan upon text-heavy web pages. If you let them land on a page with minimal text, prominently embedded video, and a grabbing screen cap, they will immediately be hooked and most likely stay for a couple more minutes or longer to hear what you have to say and even explore your site some more.

They help people understand your business better. One of the greatest advantages to using explainer animation is that it makes complex concepts a lot easier to understand. Explainer videos create visual parallels that people tend to recall more than a page-full of text and marketing copy. There is less room for misinterpretation and confusion when you have an animated explainer to keep visitors informed and at the same time entertained.

They increase conversions. High-quality explainer videos engage people better and in turn, urge them to spend more time in your site and take action. They answer the many questions people have about your business and bridge the gap between consumer and business. By the end of your explainer animation, consumers are ready to take the next step, whether it be buying your product, subscribing to your service, registering for your newsletter, or following you on social media.

They serve as effective elevator pitches that work 24/7—something that traditional marketing simply cannot offer. They help you connect with consumers any time of the day and give them the information they need about your business without having to wait around for consumer support responses to their FAQs.

They are shareable. Not only do visitors get to learn about your business, they also have the opportunity to share what they've learned through various social channels. Videos are also easier to make viral online than any other form of content.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Engage With Animated Commercial Maker

One of the best ways for providing high quality advertisement is by using animated commercials. Why? Because they are fun, lively, engaging, interesting, and sometimes intriguing. Even adults fall victim to watching animated movies and television programs. And just like kids, the viewer’s attention gets easily caught by the animated video. This only goes to show that whoever is your market—young or adult—can be won through an animated commercial.

Why should I choose animation?

Simple—because producing, publishing and spreading animated ad campaigns are less expensive, less time-consuming, and easy to share on social media sites. Unlike other methods of advertising, animated movie ads are more effective because of its nature to engage and entertain the viewers. Since majority of the population are more attracted to watching movies than reading books, animated commercials can convey your message in just a few minutes, if not seconds.

What other benefits can I get from an animated promotional ad?

Animated movie ads are expressive. Through animation, you can bend the laws of nature and emphasize your point through exaggeration and aggravation. It also does not require any high tech equipment or a large production team. All you need is your imagination and a computer (and an animator if you are not one).

Is there any software I can use to eliminate hiring of animator and video editor?

Computer animated commercial maker software abounds the internet, and some of them even offer free trials. Although there is a bunch of software that are totally free, paid a full copy of animated commercial maker software offers more features and capabilities. With the aid of such programs, creating your animated commercial is just a breeze.

Utilizing the Strength of Viral Marketing Videos

Oh, viral videos! Everybody wants to watch and share them. And lastly, everybody is trying to copy at least what the video is all about. Viral Videos are popular because of its nature to engage, entertain, touch, and provoke a viewer’s emotion. A viral video is downright effective to boost your online presence, promote your products and services, increase your sales, and reach your target market.

What makes a video viral?

A video can be viral if it has these six qualities:

1. It is short—about 5 minutes maximum.
2. It evokes a strong emotion of the viewer, be it negative or positive.
3. It is engaging.
4. It is timely.
5. It is inspiring.
6. It gives solution and knowledge to the viewer’s queries.

Why do I need to include viral videos to my marketing campaigns?

Viral videos tend to be shared incessantly. They have the power to rise viewership. However, you can’t just post any viral videos and use them to bait web surfers to click your ads and visit your page. This will only bring negative impact to your marketing efforts. Rather, create an original piece. Depending on your product or service, make the video catchy or thought-provoking, entertaining or empathetic. Whatever you plan with your promotional video, make sure that it will target your market.

How important are viral marketing videos to your business?

If you are planning to expand your reach of target audiences, boost promotion, and increase your business’ popularity, using the strength of viral videos can quickly win you instant global awareness.

It will start as a tweet, and the buzz will just keep on spreading. Next thing you know it, that simple tweet or a 2-minute promotional video has been viewed, liked and shared two million times within a day. 

Why are Product Explainer Videos Important for Business?

Explainer videos have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years due to their proven benefits in online marketing. Not only do search engines put emphasis on video content in their search results and rankings, their algorithm (particularly Google's) also consider the length of time visitors spend on your website—something that online videos impact quite significantly. What is it that makes explainer videos such an effective and, therefore, important marketing medium for businesses? A lot of things:

Explainer videos are 50 times more likely to show up in Google's top search results than products or services marketed through text-only methods on your web pages.

They make online shopping more convenient and less stressful because they help people decide on what products to buy and which services to subscribe to or decline within a matter of minutes, as opposed to browsing for hours to find the appropriate product.

Video trumps words. A 60-second explainer video is equivalent to an average of 1.8 million words or 3,600 home pages.

People are more inclined to making a purchase when they see product demos and videos that explain what the service or business is all about.

There is an average of 100 million people watching a single online video on any given day. This is the kind of reach an explainer video has.

People tend to stay longer on your website as they watch an explainer video embedded on your home page. The longer time they spend on your site, the better for your search ranking and credibility rating.

It is easier for the brain to retain visual and auditory signals offered by online commercials and product explainer videos than text copies and other static forms of communication or promotional material. This makes them a more efficient means of advertizing for businesses.

Give Your Videos a Three Dimensional Look with 3D Animation Videos

Videos are powerful and effective mediums that you can use to communicate, express, and promote ideas to a larger group of people in one go. Producing a conventional promotional video can take a lot of time and can become potentially expensive. You need to think about factors like securing venues, hiring cameras, and auditioning actors. This is why 3D animation videos are excellent alternatives to live action clips. They can be produced with minimal turnaround time when you let experts work on them.

Professional 3D animators use a streamlined process to reduce their turnaround time without compromising the quality of the finished product. There are animation companies that can deliver your video within four to six weeks. The 3D video will be designed to engage your audience in the best way possible, so you can be sure that they can easily understand your message.

Watching moving pictures with a myriad of sound effects and high-quality voices is more enticing than reading text with motionless images. Your audience will be more likely to pay attention, too. Using 3D animation can breathe more life into your concepts and ideas, whether you’re creating explainer videos, viral videos, product demos, marketing, corporate videos, sales, website videos or landing pages.

A 3D animation video can be a great way to promote a product that has not yet been created. Engineering and architectural plans can be rendered in 3D, too, to provide potential customers a realistic perception of the finished product. With 3D animation, viewers will have a better of what the finished product or structure would look like, so they can be encouraged to buy or support it.

A 3D animation video can prove to your target audience that your company is technologically advanced and sophisticated. When used for explainer videos, 3D animation can infuse high-tech effects to make your products look sleeker and more enticing to purchase. This style of animation has limitless possibilities. Be sure to work with a reliable video animation company to get the best results.

Engage Website Visitors with Video Animation

Online users, at least the majority of them, choose video over any other type of content. This is why businesses and website owners are turning to video animation for a more efficient promotion of their advocacy. Not only are these vehicles an excellent means to attract viewership, they are also great instruments to help customers and clients interact with the brand. Web-hosted videos take mere seconds to share throughout social networks, which give them powerful reach.

Animated online videos are gaining popularity because they help add a creative twist to a brand image. Graphics and animations can easily be used to depict brand images and incorporate branding details that will help create better recall amongst consumers. Animation is also a cool way to create an entire universe devoted to your brand.

Web videos are extremely versatile. Whether you choose to a one-off video animation project or elect to produce an entire web series around a particular campaign, you will definitely reap great fruits from your efforts, especially when it comes to building customer loyalty. By producing web videos, you provide your consumers with something that they can identify with and remember your brand by. In addition to impacting their memory and retention, videos also help your consumers visualize your message and give them a more enjoyable website experience that beats sitting through an entire page of heavy reading.

Video animation is not only a more engaging medium for promoting your business--it is also an excellent way to deliver more information toward your target audience in less time. The combined power of the depicted images, voiceovers, music, and textual representations help you deliver the maximum amount of information within a small amount of time, without necessarily bombarding your viewers with data. Best of all, video animations are such an entertaining way to present messages to people.

Company Intro Video the Smart Choice

There are many ways to grab consumers' attention, and an intro video is one of them. Companies often have a hard time engaging audiences and potential buyers/clients because they use all the wrong tools to do so. Consumer and web user preferences change on a regular basis, which is why online businesses should always be on the lookout for what their target audiences are demanding. If your website's home page still lives in the fancy, flash era, it's safe to say that you are hopelessly out-of-date and require a huge revamp.

One of the best ways to introduce your brand and company to the public, once they find your corner of the web is through an introductory video. Typically, you only have 10 seconds to capture an average web user's attention before they decide to click away, leaving you with a lost lead and a point in your bounce rate. An intro video helps draw their attention away from the back button and closer to your message.

A short, concise, well-produced, sensible, and engaging introductory video is a valuable asset to your business. Not only does it enhance user engagement in your website, it also help you raise brand awareness while contributing greatly to your overall search optimization efforts.

By now, it is common knowledge that the majority of web users prefer video to text—and for practical reasons. With the number of online distractions there are, few have time to sit through an entire page of content. Not only do people have shorter attention spans, they also prefer a more immersive experience that stimulates senses other than their eyes. An introductory video not only provides this engaging experience, it also allows you to summarize what your company is all about and send your message to your target audiences in a way that enhances their interaction with your brand and builds a deeper connection.