Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Corporate Animated Videos Becoming Viral on the Web

There is no mathematical or any strictly calculated formula, rules, or steps that you should follow to make a video go viral. Many times, viral videos happen organically, but there certain qualities you should consider achieving and mistakes you should avoid if you want to increase your corporate video's chances of going viral. Here are some basic tips to help you make a corporate viral animation:

Keep things short. Examine viral videos from the last two years and you will find two things in common—humor and length. Of the two, the latter is an ever-important quality you should strive to achieve when creating a corporate video for online consumption. Excessively long presentations are boring, and there's always the danger of losing viewer interest, which further hurts your chances of going viral. Short videos with engaging and well-rounded content are more attractive to viewers and are shared more often.

Humor is key. Comedy catches people's attention, and funny videos help you grab them and keep them. The most popularly watched videos on the world's most used video engine (YouTube) are those with comedic value. This is essential because when people search for videos, they are usually looking for fun and entertainment, and humor tickles the right spots in their experience.

Longevity is important. Viral videos persist. They are never one-day wonders. A successful viral video is not only one that gets shared many times over in a span of a day but in a span of many days, or even weeks. To make a video more viral than a one-day wonder, you must keep it alive and active by a promotion. Viral video promotion helps you share and spread your content in all possible media and social network, thus increasing your publicity and staying power in the minds of your target audiences.

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