Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Animated Promo Video: Moving Business Marketing towards Growth

Now that more businesses and brands are starting to recognize the power of video as a marketing tool, marketers are also becoming more critical in formulating video strategies that will best work for their bottom line. If you want to use animated promo videos to help your business' growth, here are simple tips to keep in mind:

•    Always think about relevance. Marketing videos can't just be about anything. You need to produce and push relevant content for your marketing campaign so as not to mislead and confuse viewers as to what your business is all about. Producing video content that creates strong connections between your business and your target consumers is exactly what will make lasting impressions on them.

•    Animated videos can also be used to promote a social cause. If your business is a strong supporter of social causes, an animation is also a great way to get noticed and promote your cause while improving your PR and customer relationships. Animated social cause videos propel viral seeding, which leads to even more marketing opportunities and greater business growth.

•    Authentic branding is important. Videos are more successful when they showcase your brand authentically. One of the biggest benefits of animated marketing videos is that they have the ability to translate your brand and the consumer benefits and takeaways you offer an entertaining medium. By making a memorable, accessible communication tool, you can project an authentic image to your audiences that they can relate to. Represent your brand in an honest, authentic way by staying true to your core values.

Here’s one last tip: Use a personalized approach to encourage loyalty among your fans and brand ambassadors. The key to creating a powerful video campaign is having a strong community of supporters and followers who willingly and organically promotes your brand and circulates your promotional materials.

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