Monday, 15 June 2015

Utilizing the Strength of Viral Marketing Videos

Oh, viral videos! Everybody wants to watch and share them. And lastly, everybody is trying to copy at least what the video is all about. Viral Videos are popular because of its nature to engage, entertain, touch, and provoke a viewer’s emotion. A viral video is downright effective to boost your online presence, promote your products and services, increase your sales, and reach your target market.

What makes a video viral?

A video can be viral if it has these six qualities:

1. It is short—about 5 minutes maximum.
2. It evokes a strong emotion of the viewer, be it negative or positive.
3. It is engaging.
4. It is timely.
5. It is inspiring.
6. It gives solution and knowledge to the viewer’s queries.

Why do I need to include viral videos to my marketing campaigns?

Viral videos tend to be shared incessantly. They have the power to rise viewership. However, you can’t just post any viral videos and use them to bait web surfers to click your ads and visit your page. This will only bring negative impact to your marketing efforts. Rather, create an original piece. Depending on your product or service, make the video catchy or thought-provoking, entertaining or empathetic. Whatever you plan with your promotional video, make sure that it will target your market.

How important are viral marketing videos to your business?

If you are planning to expand your reach of target audiences, boost promotion, and increase your business’ popularity, using the strength of viral videos can quickly win you instant global awareness.

It will start as a tweet, and the buzz will just keep on spreading. Next thing you know it, that simple tweet or a 2-minute promotional video has been viewed, liked and shared two million times within a day. 

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