Monday, 2 November 2015

4 Ways to Make Your Explainer Videos Optimal for Marketing

A good explainer video can hook new customers and dramatically increase sales. You might be wondering—why are videos so effective in marketing? That’s because the human brain is hardwired to detect motion. In a sea of words that is the internet, an explainer video stands out and is likely to be noticed. Having an explainer video on your home page can potentially increase the rate at which passive visitors become buying consumers. But to be successful, your explainer video needs to be optimal for marketing to begin with. How do you ensure this? Here are some tips.

1. Use motion to hit two birds with one stone: information and entertainment. The creative and effective use of movement in a visual format combined with an entertaining overview of your message or product separates a great explainer video from a bad one. Why not try animated videos?

2. Keep it short. Explain everything in less than a minute because your audience doesn’t have time to watch a lengthy video. Show everything a potential customer needs to know about your company: who you are, exactly what you do or produce, and why they should use your services or products.

3. Make it your goal to evoke emotion. The most engaging explainer videos build thoughtful and meaningful visual stories, often using characters, to tug at the emotions of whoever is watching. Go for an explainer video that is loaded with information combined with heartfelt entertainment.

4. Hire a video production company for professional results. A homemade video with low resolution, bad lighting, and a noisy background will only make your company look amateur. Leave your explainer video in the hands of experts to get the best results—videos that you will be proud to put on your website and distribute on social media platforms.

Are you ready to create an explainer video for your new product or service? Try animation, which combines all the elements that make a video optimal for marketing. Talk to an animated video expert to explore your choices. 

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