Monday, 15 June 2015

Engage With Animated Commercial Maker

One of the best ways for providing high quality advertisement is by using animated commercials. Why? Because they are fun, lively, engaging, interesting, and sometimes intriguing. Even adults fall victim to watching animated movies and television programs. And just like kids, the viewer’s attention gets easily caught by the animated video. This only goes to show that whoever is your market—young or adult—can be won through an animated commercial.

Why should I choose animation?

Simple—because producing, publishing and spreading animated ad campaigns are less expensive, less time-consuming, and easy to share on social media sites. Unlike other methods of advertising, animated movie ads are more effective because of its nature to engage and entertain the viewers. Since majority of the population are more attracted to watching movies than reading books, animated commercials can convey your message in just a few minutes, if not seconds.

What other benefits can I get from an animated promotional ad?

Animated movie ads are expressive. Through animation, you can bend the laws of nature and emphasize your point through exaggeration and aggravation. It also does not require any high tech equipment or a large production team. All you need is your imagination and a computer (and an animator if you are not one).

Is there any software I can use to eliminate hiring of animator and video editor?

Computer animated commercial maker software abounds the internet, and some of them even offer free trials. Although there is a bunch of software that are totally free, paid a full copy of animated commercial maker software offers more features and capabilities. With the aid of such programs, creating your animated commercial is just a breeze.

Utilizing the Strength of Viral Marketing Videos

Oh, viral videos! Everybody wants to watch and share them. And lastly, everybody is trying to copy at least what the video is all about. Viral Videos are popular because of its nature to engage, entertain, touch, and provoke a viewer’s emotion. A viral video is downright effective to boost your online presence, promote your products and services, increase your sales, and reach your target market.

What makes a video viral?

A video can be viral if it has these six qualities:

1. It is short—about 5 minutes maximum.
2. It evokes a strong emotion of the viewer, be it negative or positive.
3. It is engaging.
4. It is timely.
5. It is inspiring.
6. It gives solution and knowledge to the viewer’s queries.

Why do I need to include viral videos to my marketing campaigns?

Viral videos tend to be shared incessantly. They have the power to rise viewership. However, you can’t just post any viral videos and use them to bait web surfers to click your ads and visit your page. This will only bring negative impact to your marketing efforts. Rather, create an original piece. Depending on your product or service, make the video catchy or thought-provoking, entertaining or empathetic. Whatever you plan with your promotional video, make sure that it will target your market.

How important are viral marketing videos to your business?

If you are planning to expand your reach of target audiences, boost promotion, and increase your business’ popularity, using the strength of viral videos can quickly win you instant global awareness.

It will start as a tweet, and the buzz will just keep on spreading. Next thing you know it, that simple tweet or a 2-minute promotional video has been viewed, liked and shared two million times within a day. 

Why are Product Explainer Videos Important for Business?

Explainer videos have exploded in popularity over the past couple of years due to their proven benefits in online marketing. Not only do search engines put emphasis on video content in their search results and rankings, their algorithm (particularly Google's) also consider the length of time visitors spend on your website—something that online videos impact quite significantly. What is it that makes explainer videos such an effective and, therefore, important marketing medium for businesses? A lot of things:

Explainer videos are 50 times more likely to show up in Google's top search results than products or services marketed through text-only methods on your web pages.

They make online shopping more convenient and less stressful because they help people decide on what products to buy and which services to subscribe to or decline within a matter of minutes, as opposed to browsing for hours to find the appropriate product.

Video trumps words. A 60-second explainer video is equivalent to an average of 1.8 million words or 3,600 home pages.

People are more inclined to making a purchase when they see product demos and videos that explain what the service or business is all about.

There is an average of 100 million people watching a single online video on any given day. This is the kind of reach an explainer video has.

People tend to stay longer on your website as they watch an explainer video embedded on your home page. The longer time they spend on your site, the better for your search ranking and credibility rating.

It is easier for the brain to retain visual and auditory signals offered by online commercials and product explainer videos than text copies and other static forms of communication or promotional material. This makes them a more efficient means of advertizing for businesses.

Give Your Videos a Three Dimensional Look with 3D Animation Videos

Videos are powerful and effective mediums that you can use to communicate, express, and promote ideas to a larger group of people in one go. Producing a conventional promotional video can take a lot of time and can become potentially expensive. You need to think about factors like securing venues, hiring cameras, and auditioning actors. This is why 3D animation videos are excellent alternatives to live action clips. They can be produced with minimal turnaround time when you let experts work on them.

Professional 3D animators use a streamlined process to reduce their turnaround time without compromising the quality of the finished product. There are animation companies that can deliver your video within four to six weeks. The 3D video will be designed to engage your audience in the best way possible, so you can be sure that they can easily understand your message.

Watching moving pictures with a myriad of sound effects and high-quality voices is more enticing than reading text with motionless images. Your audience will be more likely to pay attention, too. Using 3D animation can breathe more life into your concepts and ideas, whether you’re creating explainer videos, viral videos, product demos, marketing, corporate videos, sales, website videos or landing pages.

A 3D animation video can be a great way to promote a product that has not yet been created. Engineering and architectural plans can be rendered in 3D, too, to provide potential customers a realistic perception of the finished product. With 3D animation, viewers will have a better of what the finished product or structure would look like, so they can be encouraged to buy or support it.

A 3D animation video can prove to your target audience that your company is technologically advanced and sophisticated. When used for explainer videos, 3D animation can infuse high-tech effects to make your products look sleeker and more enticing to purchase. This style of animation has limitless possibilities. Be sure to work with a reliable video animation company to get the best results.

Engage Website Visitors with Video Animation

Online users, at least the majority of them, choose video over any other type of content. This is why businesses and website owners are turning to video animation for a more efficient promotion of their advocacy. Not only are these vehicles an excellent means to attract viewership, they are also great instruments to help customers and clients interact with the brand. Web-hosted videos take mere seconds to share throughout social networks, which give them powerful reach.

Animated online videos are gaining popularity because they help add a creative twist to a brand image. Graphics and animations can easily be used to depict brand images and incorporate branding details that will help create better recall amongst consumers. Animation is also a cool way to create an entire universe devoted to your brand.

Web videos are extremely versatile. Whether you choose to a one-off video animation project or elect to produce an entire web series around a particular campaign, you will definitely reap great fruits from your efforts, especially when it comes to building customer loyalty. By producing web videos, you provide your consumers with something that they can identify with and remember your brand by. In addition to impacting their memory and retention, videos also help your consumers visualize your message and give them a more enjoyable website experience that beats sitting through an entire page of heavy reading.

Video animation is not only a more engaging medium for promoting your business--it is also an excellent way to deliver more information toward your target audience in less time. The combined power of the depicted images, voiceovers, music, and textual representations help you deliver the maximum amount of information within a small amount of time, without necessarily bombarding your viewers with data. Best of all, video animations are such an entertaining way to present messages to people.

Company Intro Video the Smart Choice

There are many ways to grab consumers' attention, and an intro video is one of them. Companies often have a hard time engaging audiences and potential buyers/clients because they use all the wrong tools to do so. Consumer and web user preferences change on a regular basis, which is why online businesses should always be on the lookout for what their target audiences are demanding. If your website's home page still lives in the fancy, flash era, it's safe to say that you are hopelessly out-of-date and require a huge revamp.

One of the best ways to introduce your brand and company to the public, once they find your corner of the web is through an introductory video. Typically, you only have 10 seconds to capture an average web user's attention before they decide to click away, leaving you with a lost lead and a point in your bounce rate. An intro video helps draw their attention away from the back button and closer to your message.

A short, concise, well-produced, sensible, and engaging introductory video is a valuable asset to your business. Not only does it enhance user engagement in your website, it also help you raise brand awareness while contributing greatly to your overall search optimization efforts.

By now, it is common knowledge that the majority of web users prefer video to text—and for practical reasons. With the number of online distractions there are, few have time to sit through an entire page of content. Not only do people have shorter attention spans, they also prefer a more immersive experience that stimulates senses other than their eyes. An introductory video not only provides this engaging experience, it also allows you to summarize what your company is all about and send your message to your target audiences in a way that enhances their interaction with your brand and builds a deeper connection.

How to Choose the Perfect Video Production Studio

So you have finally decided to incorporate video marketing in your business strategy. The big question now is which production studio you should choose to handle your campaign and help you tell your story to the internet-verse. Here are some useful tips you can consider when hiring a video production team for your business:

No piece of advice is as important as hiring someone that you can comfortably work with. Forcing a relationship with a firm claiming to be the best in the market, but doesn't listen to what you want and need will only result in a disastrous product. You want a team lead by a director whom you can connect with not only in a professional but a social and creative level. Look for a group of people who knows how to listen to what you need as a corporation. After all, it is your story and your business that they are representing.

Never trust a company that has nothing to show for the work they have done in the past. Look for a studio that can back their claims up with a collection of work that you can see for yourself and critique to gauge the level of expertise they have. This is also a great way to determine whether or not they can accomplish your vision.

Technology to create these types of products is now available at a much lower cost than a decade ago. With this in mind, weigh the cost of the service a firm is offering and see whether their high price is justified by the quality of work they have produced in the past. Needless to say, cutting edge technology is a weak reason for high video-making prices. If anything, their price should be based on the kind of expertise they can offer on the table.

Animated Demo: Astonish Viewers with Video Demos

Demo videos are extremely useful for startups and even established businesses. These are animated presentations that explain products, services, and companies/brands better than any website image, infographic, or text copy could ever do. Demo videos are the modern marketer's most valuable asset in this day and age because they help tell a company's story in a creative and engaging manner.

Well written and excellently produced demo videos serve as your round-the-clock elevator pitch, available to consumers and potential clients looking for the exact type of products and services that you can offer. With the help of a professional animator and video marketer, you can create a powerful vehicle for brand awareness and business promotion.

So many startups and large businesses use video as a major component of their marketing strategy. This is because of the simple fact that video works. By recruiting a professional video marketer, you have access not only to the best technologies, but also to the best skill sets you will need to establish a successful video campaign:

Seasoned demo animators know how to create simple yet compelling scripts and storyboards based on what your promotional campaign needs. They take time to listen through your story and help you formulate the best flow of ideas that effectively represents your message.

They know how to illustrate your vision in a way that will help you have a glimpse of the final product, right from its conception.

They are equipped with the latest technology to help bring your ideas to life and embellish your concept in a way that will compel viewers to positive action.

They are skilled in sound mixing, scoring, and narrating voiceovers that best fits your story and they have access to royalty free or very cheap materials that you can use for your demo.

They know the best way to compress and deliver the final product as well as promote them through various online channels.