Tuesday, 18 August 2015

10 Quick Tips about Video Presentation Companies

Video presentations can help make a meeting more successful and encourage participants to retain more information compared to when they sit and listen to someone talking endlessly for hours. Video production companies can help make any type of video presentation for your business or non-profit organization. Here are 10 quick tips that can help you find and hire the right video presentation company:

1.    Look for an experienced company that specializes in video production – View their portfolio, watch their samples, and pick a professional company that has years of experience in producing videos for a wide range of businesses and industries.

2.    See the industries that the company has worked for – Experienced and reputable companies are flexible and can make videos for education, government, healthcare, human resources, charities and non-profit organizations, public relations, manufacturing and logistics, and finance sectors.

3.    Try animation – Look for a company that can do animated presentation videos. Animation can be a fun, entertaining, or enthralling way to share information and learn something new.

4.    Explore the video services – Skilled video presentation companies can produce anything from marketing videos to training videos. Look for a company that can create videos for sales, websites, social media, product or service overview, and corporate presentations, and consider a company with experience in making successful viral videos.

5.    Check out the motion graphic styles – Reputable video presentation companies can do both 2D and 3D animated videos, as well as whiteboard animation, infographics, custom videos, and live action.

6.    Review their video production process – A good company should involve you in every aspect of the production.

7.    Choose a company that values your opinion and approval – Professional companies do not work on the project all by themselves. They check with you before proceeding to gain your approval, in case some revisions must be made on the script, storyboard, and other aspects of the video.

8.    Determine how long it would take for the video to be delivered – Some of the best video presentation companies can deliver your video within four to six weeks.

9.    Choose a video presentation company that has a talented pool of voice talents – Make sure that they can cover a wide range of languages and accents, and that they are flexible to suit your needs.

10.     Look for a company that provides free consultation – This can help you get started on a video presentation project and help the company understand your business and your goals.

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