Tuesday, 18 August 2015

10 Creative Ways to Improve Your Animated Viral Videos

Maximizing marketing results through animated videos has a lot to do with going viral. Here are ways to increase your chances of making your animation the next viral hit:

•    Make it compelling. You don't need a cat playing the piano to catch people's attention. A compelling video is one with content that addresses your target audiences' needs. (how-to videos, FAQs, and animated demos, come to mind)

•    Conduct video SEO. This will make your video searchable not only in but also outside of YouTube.

•    Brand your channel. Branding your channel means creating a branded experience for your viewers on YouTube. This also makes your video channel a destination in and of itself, where you can extend marketing efforts.

•    Use annotations. Adding annotations and hidden nuggets, along with clickable calls to action helps build your subscribers and direct them to other things you have to offer.

•    Leverage bulletin alerts. Creating a bulletin helps notify your subscribers and peers about what's new about your business or channel.

•    Adopt YouTube ads. People now treat YouTube as a classic search engine and bidding on keywords like you would on Google's pay-per-click scheme is now possible. Another type of YouTube advertising comes in the form of promoted video or CTA ads (call-to-action ads), which are clickable and enable users to click over to the advertisers’ website.

•    Turn to social media. Leveraging other platforms is the beauty of connectivity. Videos are now more shareable through blogs and social sites, which allow you to share links or embed videos and usher in a viral boom.

•    Review analytics. YouTube Insights and Google Analytics are only some of the best tools you can use to gain insight into people who are consuming your content.

•    Create a strong message. To maximize the power of your animated video, you need to center them on a message that appeals not only to your target people but also to a wider variety of audiences. Weaving others in allows you to expand the audience base that will be willing to share your viral content.

•    Shock and awe. Push the envelope when conceptualizing your video and always look for a WOW factor, which is exactly what compels people to push and share content.

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