Thursday, 10 December 2015

Use the Avatar Like Product Video Production Company

Movies like Avatar contributed to the popularity of 3D animation merged with live action scenes, and this gave way to unique promotional videos where both elements are combined, resulting in a more enthralling and entertaining show. Hiring the right video production company should make it easy for you to produce an Avatar-like promotional video for your business. You need to find a company that specializes in animation and make sure that they have experience in both live action and 3D.

There are many benefits to using 3D animation in your promotional videos. The realism it provides never fails to capture the attention of viewers, regardless of their age. Hence, your promotional video is more likely to appeal to a wide range of viewers. The technology behind 3D animation appeals to our imaginations as it brings to life objects, creatures, and other things while ensuring a somewhat lifelike appearance for people to relate to. There is no limit to what can be animated in 3D. It can make a train fly, portray life in outer space, or simulate the ice age.

With 3D animation, it will seem like you are looking at a real object. Hence, producing an explainer or promotional video in 3D will make viewers feel like they are looking at an actual object in a place that is out of this world. Video production companies can make your business look and feel more technologically sophisticated with an animated 3D promotional video. Animators have the ability to take your product and provide a high-tech sense and appearance to it for a more cutting edge design. An animated 3D promotional video can boost your brand and your company's image.

It can be cost effective to produce a 3D animated promotional video for your business than when you shoot a full live action commercial. Be sure to get in touch with a video production company and tell them your requirements and how you want your promotional video to look like. With their help, you can produce an Avatar-like promotional video that can attract consumers and influence their buying decision.

Experiential Marketing via Animated Videos for Business Growth

Promoting a business is necessary to attract customers and make it grow. There are many different ways that you can promote your business, but successful promotion lies in the creativity of your material and how it manages to attract your target audience. Experiential marketing with animated videos can be a good way to advertise and promote your brand by helping consumers experience it.

Traditional advertising focuses on visually and verbally communicating the benefits of the product and the brand. Experiential marketing aims to immerse the viewer into the product by engaging his or her senses. An animated video may be one of the marketing strategies you can use with experiential marketing. It can be combined with other strategies like wide-scale guerrilla marketing and individual sampling. Ultimately, experiential marketing with animated videos aims to form an emotional and memorable connection between your brand and viewers to influence their purchase decision and influence customer loyalty.

Animated videos appeal to people of all ages, and they can make your viewers feel a certain form of attachment to your brand. The animation is attractive to watch due to the moving and usually colorful images and enthralling sounds. It is easier to produce, too. Some animated video production companies can deliver your video in four to six weeks while ensuring your involvement through all stages of production.

You can use an animated video to complement or enhance traditional advertising campaigns or to make your brand stand out at a trade show or event. This way, you can make your brand appeal to your viewer's emotions and be able to execute an experiential marketing strategy. You can play the video during a trade show and follow it up with a promo or an activity for the viewer to do. For example, a chocolate brand manufactured 10 million chocolate bars that missed one piece, and customers learned that the single piece was set aside, so they can choose to have it mailed to them or sent to their loved one with a personalized message. This way, the brand is able to establish an emotional connection with the customer and the people who received the piece of chocolate.

Spread the Word about Your Business via Short Animated Videos

Are you interested in promoting your business through short animated videos? These quick, easy to digest cartoons can boost go viral as well as boost your search engine rankings if produced effectively. They are also infinitely share-able, making them fantastic marketing tools.

Videos, in general, are some of the best formats for promoting a message, idea, product, or service. In the US alone, video site YouTube accounts for a whopping 18% of all downstream internet traffic. Even more impressively, YouTube is now the second biggest search engine in the world, outperforming Bing, Ask, Yahoo, and other search engines. These numbers show that video—especially short animated videos—have become hugely powerful media. Looking past the millions of videos of adorable kittens and skateboard accidents, you will find businesses from around the globe incorporating animated videos into their overall marketing strategies.

Short animated videos have been shown to improve customer engagement, boost the time people spend on your website, and help convert casual visitors into customers. Use it cleverly and an animated video can turn your website into an interactive and dynamic selling machine that attracts repeat visits. How you use your short animated video will depend largely on the industry you are in and the products or services you offer. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Show off your product. Do you sell a physical product? A short animated video is a powerful method of showcasing what it can do, what it looks like, and how it feels the way pictures and text can’t.

Teach your audience how to do something. Animated how-to videos can give people useful information while ingraining your product or brand in their minds. For example, if you sell dog shampoo, why not create an animated video explaining the most effective ways to wash a dog?

For maximum impact, post new short animations regularly. This gives your audience something to look forward to and can give your sales a big boost. Talk to a professional animation production company to see what your options are.

Propose Commercial Business in Front of Customers Through Animation

Web users consume content in many ways. With so many different devices, content formats, and platforms to choose from, how do you make sure that your business is in front of the right customers at the right moments? By combining different animation styles, it is easier to represent a product or service through videos and dazzle them in ways that they can never experience through other means of promotion. Here are major reasons why you should consider animated videos as major means to promote and propose your commercial videos in front of your consumers and even your B2B audiences:

•    You can present your business within seconds. Animated films can successfully showcase all the features, benefits, advantages, and value that your product/service can offer and compel audiences to take action as you point out all the critical and intricate details of your offering and make your case as a better alternative over your competitors.

•    Animated videos are cost-effective. You will be surprised at how cost-effective animation is, given that you only need a few seconds of content to engage and delight audiences. This leaves out the need for elaborate production, which often inflates your marketing costs.

•    Animated videos are also easy to share simply because they are lighthearted and easy to digest. A successfully planned and executed animated production has great potential to go viral and when people choose to share your content, your popularity sky rockets, which can only mean great things for your business.

The key to capturing your audience is to pique their interest and keep them engaged. Animated videos are among the most powerful tools that you can use to catch the attention of your target consumers and keep them interested enough to reach and respond to your call to action. Animated videos are also widely popular with audiences of all ages.

Present Corporate Animated Videos for Your Business

Sitting in a meeting where a single person talks continuously with a PowerPoint presentation may seem boring. You could take down notes and try your best to pay attention, but in the end, you might not be able to remember everything that was discussed. Using corporate animated videos for your business can make your presentation more impressive and likely to be remembered. Videos have always been useful when it comes to making a good and memorable impact on the minds of viewers, and animation always had a way to appeal to our inner child and our imaginations. Hence, putting them together for a corporate presentation will ensure a non-mediocre way to showcase your ideas, products, and services to shareholders, colleagues, and bosses alike.

Animated corporate videos are more enthralling, and it takes less effort to watch them. The video can be as short as two to three minutes, but you can be sure that your viewers are able to pay attention and recall a lot more information than when you make them read something. At the same time, your animated corporate presentation video is able to entertain your audience. This way, your meetings do not have to be boring, and your video can be a great way to break the ice, too.

Producing an animated corporate video is easy when you work with a reputable and creative video production company that specializes in animation. A team of talented animators, illustrators, and voice talents will turn your ideas and concepts into an entertaining and informative show. This way, you can make a better impression, and your ideas will likely be noticed and considered. With an animated video, you can present information in a manner that is memorable, enjoyable, and will leave a lasting impression. The corporate animated video can be a versatile marketing tool, too, especially when you need to show it in an exhibit or product expo.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Approach to Animated Marketing Video for Business Growth

Marketing videos are essential to expand your business and boost brand recognition. You may have a great product or a practical service, but if a word does not properly reach the right consumers, then you might as well close shop. Animated videos can be a cost-effective way to promote your business. They make people pay attention to what you have to say and convince them why they need your product or service in their lives. An animated marketing video can go well with other promotional and marketing strategies. With a visually appealing video, you can be sure that your target audience will notice your business and be curious about what you have to offer.

An animated marketing video can be packed with a lot of information, which is presented in a more entertaining, enthralling, and visually interesting show. The video can be as short as 15 seconds, but viewers are more likely to remember what they have seen and heard from it compared to when they read something from a brochure or a newspaper ad. Animation makes topics more engaging, personal, lighter, and easier to comprehend. Hence, an animated promotional video is likely to appeal to anyone regardless of their age.

Animations have the power to talk to you instead of talking at you. They stand out from traditional advertising methods, which have become mediocre and boring. If you are trying to improve your search engine rank, generate more leads, and increase conversion rates, an animated marketing video should complement an existing search engine optimization or marketing campaign. With an engaging story, well-crafted graphics, and smooth animation, your animated marketing video can help achieve your marketing goals online.

Animated marketing videos can easily be posted online for your viewers to enjoy and share. This is a good way to spread a word about your business, increase the number of views and visitors your website and social media pages receive per day and influence the viewer's buying decision. Be sure to work with a reputable animated video production company that specializes in marketing videos for a wide range of industries. This way, you can be sure of shorter turnaround times and a high-quality animated promotional video.

Animated Promo Video: Moving Business Marketing towards Growth

Now that more businesses and brands are starting to recognize the power of video as a marketing tool, marketers are also becoming more critical in formulating video strategies that will best work for their bottom line. If you want to use animated promo videos to help your business' growth, here are simple tips to keep in mind:

•    Always think about relevance. Marketing videos can't just be about anything. You need to produce and push relevant content for your marketing campaign so as not to mislead and confuse viewers as to what your business is all about. Producing video content that creates strong connections between your business and your target consumers is exactly what will make lasting impressions on them.

•    Animated videos can also be used to promote a social cause. If your business is a strong supporter of social causes, an animation is also a great way to get noticed and promote your cause while improving your PR and customer relationships. Animated social cause videos propel viral seeding, which leads to even more marketing opportunities and greater business growth.

•    Authentic branding is important. Videos are more successful when they showcase your brand authentically. One of the biggest benefits of animated marketing videos is that they have the ability to translate your brand and the consumer benefits and takeaways you offer an entertaining medium. By making a memorable, accessible communication tool, you can project an authentic image to your audiences that they can relate to. Represent your brand in an honest, authentic way by staying true to your core values.

Here’s one last tip: Use a personalized approach to encourage loyalty among your fans and brand ambassadors. The key to creating a powerful video campaign is having a strong community of supporters and followers who willingly and organically promotes your brand and circulates your promotional materials.

Animated Business Video: A Unique Way to Explain Your Business

Businesses are always on the lookout for cost-effective strategies to improve their bottom line, and there are countless wise ways that you can invest your budget in hopes of getting the best returns. Here are major reasons why you should consider an animated business video as part of your overall marketing strategy:

•    They can explain your business idea within a few minutes. When a potential consumer visits your website, a few seconds is all you have to draw their attention and make them interested enough to stay longer and know about your offerings. This means you only have a few seconds to explain your business idea before they can think to click away to another site. An animated business video is not only eye-catching. It can also help you lay out what your business is all about without taking too much of your audience's precious time.

•    Animated online videos can help you boost your web visibility. When people stay longer on your website because of your engaging video presentation, search engines will tag you as something of interest, thus ranking you higher under your target keywords. Animated videos can do wonders for your search optimization, and when you are prominently featured in online searches, more people will likely take notice of your business. YouTube being the world's second largest search engine also says a lot about the power of video explainers as marketing tools.

•    Animated explainers help grow conversions. Not only can they explain the gist of your business, but they can also clearly show how consumers can act on your calls to action, thus boosting your bottom line.

One of the best ways that you can spend your marketing budget is to invest in animated business videos that explain the ins and outs of your business in a more engaging way. Animated videos and explainers not only help you make people understand your offerings but also increase your online visibility in a more efficient manner.

Affordable Web Video Production Company for Business Marketing

Hiring a video production company can be an effective solution if you want to attract the right attention to your product or service. A promotional web video can help spread a word about your business, but you need to invest the right amount of time and money to produce one. The good news is that there are ways that you can get an affordable video to market your video online, and that is by working with a reputable animated video production company that specializes in making promotional videos.

Videos are among the most powerful ways to communicate ideas, making sure that viewers are able to retain the information they have seen and heard through moving graphics and one of a kind sounds. Videos are able to speak to a wide range of audiences at the same time, making them a cost- effective way to deliver a promotional message and tell people why they need your product or service. Animated web videos can achieve all of those, and you can be sure that they can be effective in promoting your business when they are made by a creative and experienced animated video production house.

Hiring an efficient web video production company will help increase your conversion rates. The average consumer would always prefer to watch or see something before they are obligated to read it. Hence, we are likely to bypass written material, but we are likely to be more willing to spend time watching an animated web video. Animation sets you apart from your competition especially when other businesses are using live action promotional videos. Even when your competition decides to animate its promotional message, you can be sure that yours will still be different because a talented company did its characters, story, and animation.

It is more cost effective to produce an animated web video than to shoot a live action advertisement. A reputable web video production company can deliver your video in four to six weeks. Hence, you do not have to wait long, spend a lot of money, and go through a tedious post-production process when you work with a good animated web video production company.

A Great Business Marketing - Sales Video Production Company

Animation provides a great way to tell a story and communicate an important message. It appeals to all ages, and it can be produced in a way that can enthrall a certain age group or a particular type of customer. This is why animated videos can be a great tool for marketing a business, especially when a skilled and experienced sales video production company makes them. Animated sales videos are common online these days. Some sales videos are creatively written and produced that you would not even think of them as promotional material. You can place animated sales videos on landing pages and social media sites.

Animated sales videos are visually appealing, making them hard to ignore. Moving graphics combined with a great story, a fitting background music, and high-quality voice talents make the videos enthralling. Hence, people are inclined to pay attention from start t finish. The animation appeals to their imagination and to their inner child, too. Moreover, it does not take much effort to watch an animated video compared to when you have to read a wall of text.

A talented animated video production company can make a sales video using any style of animation that you want. The best thing about animating your message is you can bring certain things to life for a much lower price. It is more cost effective to produce an animated sales video than shoot a live action advertisement. With animation, you can make animals talk, cars fly, inanimate objects move, and do whatever your imagination tells you.

Reputable companies follow a streamlined production process to reduce their turnaround time and make sure that your video is ready in four to six weeks. Your involvement is guaranteed at all stages of production, too, so you can be sure that the video is made exactly the way you envisioned it. Find an experienced video production company that specializes in animation and contact them for a free consultation to get started.