Sunday, 15 November 2015

Animated Web Video Production: The Power of Animation to Promote Your Brand

The video is such a ubiquitous presence across the World Wide Web because audiences demand content that is rich, dynamic, and engaging. It is a warm, visually rich, and compelling medium that caters to all the senses, thus helping marketers transfer messages with much less friction than typical text copies. Consumers of content love to be pampered with compelling images and to receive messages while avoiding unnecessary exertion on their part. This is why many businesses are now seeing the benefit of capitalizing on the natural advantages of video promotion.

Animations are only one form of video promotion that can help you reap great ROI and strengthen promotion for your business. It is also an increasingly popular subset that more and more marketers are using not only because of its clear audience draw, but because it is something that is dynamic, enjoyable, and cost-effective to produce. With animation, you cut costs of having to pay and work with a large pool of creative teams, equipment managers, actors, and the like, while also avoiding the worries and hassles of different factors that are outside of your control, such as the weather for filming. Almost all elements of animated videos can easily be controlled within the confines of a production room.

Perhaps more importantly, the nature of animated content makes animated ads inherently more appealing than their live action counterparts. Some audiences may struggle to connect with actors on a screen, especially when the talent you got isn't as compelling or believable whereas broad-themed drawings are a lot easier to identify with. Animated ads help create a deeper connection with audiences and give viewers the opportunity to fill narrative gaps (if any) with their personal experiences, which deepens their connection and investment on the video even more. Animated web videos are such popular content online for good reason—because they work.

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