Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Need of Video Optimization Services for Every Business

A study conducted by AC Nielsen in 2011 found that about 76 percent of Americans spend approximately 43 hours every month on the internet. While they are online, they view over 3,237 web pages, and that includes videos. More than 21 billion videos were watched online in 2012. These numbers indicate that video optimization is a crucial service if you have a video marketing plan. Optimization lets you effortlessly reach your target market and make sure that the right people are watching your marketing and promotional videos.

Video marketing can be an effective tool to promote your business, expand its reach, and gain more customers. All types of companies—from small startups to large corporations—can strengthen and improve their marketing strategy with video marketing and video optimization services.

Video optimization is an aspect of search engine optimization that aims to attract the right viewers and prospective customers to your website through multimedia, like videos. Video optimization is deemed successful when it helps generate more profit for the business.

Video marketing with high-quality video optimization may result to a heightened promotional experience for viewers. You can directly share your ideas, goals, services, and thoughts to viewers through videos, and make sure that the audience can retain and remember information that you shared. Video marketing with effective optimization may lead to more demand for your products and services.

Videos do not need to feature models or actors—in fact, you will probably get better results with an animated video. Cartoons are easier to produce, with minimal turnaround times and effective results. A well-made animated video will always appeal to viewers of any age, both children and adults. You can be creative with your animated videos because unlike human actors, cartoons don’t’ have limitations. You can go ahead and design unique characters, inject humor, and use bright and playful colors (as long as they all reflect your marketing goals and your company). 

Marketing your Product or Services with Product Overview Video

Overview videos are an innovative and refreshing way to tell people about your company and its products and services. It is easy to create these videos with help from a skilled and reputable video production company. An animated product overview video can be a better and more engaging way to present information to potential clients than conventional brochures, websites with a lot of texts, and PowerPoint slides.

The most important information about your products and services will be presented in your overview video, and everything will be delivered in a short and more entertaining way. This lets viewers truly remember the information that they have just seen and heard. You can rely on the video to give clients an overview of your product or service during a conference, trade show, or seminar, and in your website.

A product overview video must be attractive and entice people to purchase your product. The more entertaining it is, the better. Did you know that videos are among the most effective and powerful forms of content in social media, too? If you do not have a marketing video and your competitor has one, then you are at risk of losing customers.

The good news is you do not need to spend a lot of money on a full-blown commercial. A simpler product overview video can do the job of attracting people's attention and encouraging them to buy what you are offering. And even if they do not buy your product, they can still remember it and its brand name because of your video.

Upload the video on YouTube, share it on your social media sites, and make it available for viewing on your website. Do not forget to add a live link to the description field in the YouTube video, so viewers can follow through and visit your website if they want to learn more about your products and services.

Make Money by Creating Videos for Website

Video marketing is one of the most effective means to make money online. The video is powerful dynamic content, allowing you to share the information in a direct and more appealing manner. Many people find static, written content a lot more difficult to understand than moving images and narrations that feed them what they need to know. Most web users also prefer watching videos than reading content. Producing video for profit is a highly viable means to earn money online. With video, you can realize pre-sale labor, deliver relevant content, generate web traffic, take advantage of viral marketing, as well as generate significant commissions via affiliate marketing.

There are also several ways that you can create different types of videos to market, ranging from recording your screen as in tutorials and product walk-throughs to integrating a camera on your PC and recording yourself while doing product reviews. Today, however, producing business-quality marketing videos such as explainer animation and product demos are the best ways to make money through online video production. With more and more businesses realizing the value of video in marketing, developers have greater and better opportunities to innovate and improve on video production. You can revolutionize the industry not only to earn a profit but also to help business owners and online entrepreneurs find more refined ways to market their products and services.

Online video production firms and agencies are experiencing a great boom in business, especially with the high demand for website videos from online retailers, corporations, SMEs, and independent organizations. If you have a knack for creating videos, you can make your talent profitable by lending your skills to business owners or joining an established firm where you can grow and share your vision and creativity with like-minded individuals and professionals who want to make the World Wide Web a better place for businesses and consumers alike.

How to Create an Educational Animation Video That Connects With Your Audience

The animation is no longer just for entertaining children—they are now also used as educational and informative tools. Properly targeted educational animated videos enable consultants, educators, and corporations to deliver and share information, concepts, and ideas with people from various backgrounds in a more fun and engaging way. The animation is for all ages, so it should be easy to connect with your audience with an animated video. To get best results, make sure that your education animated video is made by a reputable and talented animation company.

An educational animated video must be brief and precise. Hence, animation companies that specialize in creating educational and promotional videos will take time to learn about your goals and intended outcome. You must be involved in the production process, too, so you can be sure that everything is made according to what you envision. Professional scriptwriters will take note of the most important information that you need to share with your audience and incorporate them into the animated video.

Animation can be a great educational tool and an opportunity to combine learning with imagination, but it will be unsuccessful if it lacks information and essence, and if it fails to engage your audience. This is why it is important to make sure that the animated video can bring your subject and concepts to life with high-quality animation and the appropriate audio, such as sound effects, music, and voice acting.

The process of creating an educational animation video usually starts with research and creating the script, which you can revise at least twice before it is finalized. You can choose voice actors based on your requirements and how you want the characters or the narrator to sound. You can also involve yourself in the character design and creation of the storyboard. Expert animators can usually deliver the educational animation video in four to six weeks.

Company Intro Video for a More Successful Business

Engaging viewers in a highly competitive business world requires great creativity and the use of innovative mediums and channels with the ability to grab and keep their attention. Attracting visitors doesn't necessarily mean fancy text and graphics on your site. You will be surprised how a simple website layout with all the right elements can help you succeed in your online goals. When your visitors are bombarded with all kinds of unnecessary fluff in your website, they will lose sight of what they came there for and leave your page in frustration to find refuge in your competitor's better-presented business. A straightforward website enhanced by well-made company intro video is a great way to ease your potential customers into your business.

An introductory video helps you set the hook for the ten second window that you have to capture your visitor's attention before they click away and escape your grasp forever. The video is the very thing you need to avoid overwhelming audiences with too much information, the moment they step into your site. It is a welcome invitation that keeps them engaged, entertained, and informed.

A company website's homepage is the perfect instrument to make a good first impression on visitors. Introductory videos help you do just that and make people want to dig deeper or keep coming back for more of what you can offer. They summarize what they company is all about, explain your products and services in detail, introduce people to your terminologies, and engage and connect with viewers in a way that no other website content can. Video offers such value in the success of a business because it improves user engagement, increases brand awareness, aids in search engine optimization, and helps attract more potential consumers, all of which translate to greater profitability and sure success.

Cartoon Animation Videos for Your Children and Students

Just how effective are current teaching methods in imparting knowledge to children? With all the distractions the digital age offers, disinterest in static activities like reading and sitting down for lectures is a clear and present challenge in classroom and home education settings. It is high time for real development in the education system, starting with how information is relayed to them. There is a reason cartoons with educational formats are such a big hit with young kids (and older ones alike).

How much knowledge can children retain by reading text or listening to their teachers talk? While they might be able to gain sufficient facts to help them pass exams, it's hard to tell whether they really understood what was taught or if they gained enough familiarity with the subject to take with them as they advance through school and life. As humanity develops in different fields, the education system (or at least the tools we use to impart knowledge) must also develop with us. This is where cartoon animation videos take center stage.

The success of children's programs like Dora the Explorer and Blue's Clues lies in their educational value. Taking from their older grandfathers like Sesame Street and similar learning programs, videos and more recently, cartoon animation videos are efficient tools for teaching and conveying complex information. They offer a method of learning that is not only fun but productive, helping students retain their focus better and allowing them to comprehend better what is being taught.

Many-a-study have found that people tend to recall and understand information better when they are presented visually and in the form of a story. Cartoon animation videos provide children and students with well explained visuals that keep them engaged and focused, which further results in better comprehension and retention of what they learned. When information is broken down into bite-size pieces and explained with good visual parallels, even complex lessons become easier for children to understand.

Career Opportunities in 3D Animation Videos and Multimedia

According to's September 2014 data, 3D animators make an estimate of $29,000 to $77,000 a year, varying across locations and exact job titles. Today, there is a huge chance that they make more, given the demand for 3D animation and multimedia video marketing. If you are wondering what career opportunities await you in the world of 3D animation, digital video, and multimedia industry, here are some things that you should know about:

A career in 3D animation primarily involves creating three-dimensional moving images with the help of computer software. These images are typically made by using digital models, after which details are added ranging from hairs to skin, clothing, and other items that complete a particular scene like grass, trees, and backdrops.

Types of animations vary depending on what an end product requires. There are 3D animators that specialize in creating effects and elements for long feature movies while others focus on shorter animations such as short kits, often used for website animations or advertisements. Others still, specialize in 3D animations for video games and live action motion pictures.

Depending on your area of expertize, you may also choose to specialize in creating various elements or aspects of an animation, such as designing animated people or completing background animation such as buildings and landscapes.

In any case, a 3D animator will most likely work with different kinds of production people to create an animated scene. These may include writers and directors, voice actors, and even musical scorers.

The median salary for 3D animators, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is roughly $58,000 annually, but more successful animators can make well over $100,000 yearly, depending on the state they are living in and the industry they are working within.

A technical career, 3D animation requires specialized knowledge especially when it comes to animation tools.

5 Ways You Can Benefit from Explainer Animation

Explainer videos could be your next best marketing move, now that you have your website set-up to entertain visitors. Here are five ways that you can benefit from producing explainer animation marketing videos for your business:

They enhance visitor engagement. Visitors tend to groan upon text-heavy web pages. If you let them land on a page with minimal text, prominently embedded video, and a grabbing screen cap, they will immediately be hooked and most likely stay for a couple more minutes or longer to hear what you have to say and even explore your site some more.

They help people understand your business better. One of the greatest advantages to using explainer animation is that it makes complex concepts a lot easier to understand. Explainer videos create visual parallels that people tend to recall more than a page-full of text and marketing copy. There is less room for misinterpretation and confusion when you have an animated explainer to keep visitors informed and at the same time entertained.

They increase conversions. High-quality explainer videos engage people better and in turn, urge them to spend more time in your site and take action. They answer the many questions people have about your business and bridge the gap between consumer and business. By the end of your explainer animation, consumers are ready to take the next step, whether it be buying your product, subscribing to your service, registering for your newsletter, or following you on social media.

They serve as effective elevator pitches that work 24/7—something that traditional marketing simply cannot offer. They help you connect with consumers any time of the day and give them the information they need about your business without having to wait around for consumer support responses to their FAQs.

They are shareable. Not only do visitors get to learn about your business, they also have the opportunity to share what they've learned through various social channels. Videos are also easier to make viral online than any other form of content.