Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Career Opportunities in 3D Animation Videos and Multimedia

According to's September 2014 data, 3D animators make an estimate of $29,000 to $77,000 a year, varying across locations and exact job titles. Today, there is a huge chance that they make more, given the demand for 3D animation and multimedia video marketing. If you are wondering what career opportunities await you in the world of 3D animation, digital video, and multimedia industry, here are some things that you should know about:

A career in 3D animation primarily involves creating three-dimensional moving images with the help of computer software. These images are typically made by using digital models, after which details are added ranging from hairs to skin, clothing, and other items that complete a particular scene like grass, trees, and backdrops.

Types of animations vary depending on what an end product requires. There are 3D animators that specialize in creating effects and elements for long feature movies while others focus on shorter animations such as short kits, often used for website animations or advertisements. Others still, specialize in 3D animations for video games and live action motion pictures.

Depending on your area of expertize, you may also choose to specialize in creating various elements or aspects of an animation, such as designing animated people or completing background animation such as buildings and landscapes.

In any case, a 3D animator will most likely work with different kinds of production people to create an animated scene. These may include writers and directors, voice actors, and even musical scorers.

The median salary for 3D animators, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics is roughly $58,000 annually, but more successful animators can make well over $100,000 yearly, depending on the state they are living in and the industry they are working within.

A technical career, 3D animation requires specialized knowledge especially when it comes to animation tools.

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