Tuesday, 18 August 2015

6 Useful Tips to Improve Animated Business Videos

Creating a killer animated video for your business is all in your production approach. Here are some useful tips you can follow to enhance your video animations:

•    A well-written script forms the foundation of a successful explainer animation. Many times, it helps to have an outside voice who understands exactly what you are trying to convey when conceptualizing your video's script. This outsider will not only cast a new look into your concept but bring fresh ideas into the table to make your video even more effective. Professional production firms are filled with experienced people like these who can add real value to your business video.

•    The shorter your video is, the better. Remember that the less you say, the better people will be able to recall what your video is all about. Most of the time, all you need is a hook to get people interested enough to take the next step.

•    A well animated business explainer keeps it simple and focuses on basic things like the problem, the proposed solution, how this solution works/its value, and a call to action.

•    Explain product benefits and not its features, value rather than specs. When launching a product, it is tempting to show off as many features and specifications as you can in your video. While this is also important, be sure that you tag these features with the benefits or value they offer to customers, which is quite honestly, all that really matters to them. Leave the tech-specs on your written copy, unless they are major features that absolutely need a mention.

•    Don't ruin a perfectly good animation with poor audio. Use a professional voice that can deliver your message well.

•    Finally, don't forget to have fun creating your animation. This will resonate with your target audience because it will show in the quality of the end product and the voice and tone of the entire video.

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