Sunday, 15 November 2015

Animation Marketing Videos for Competent Business Growth

Animation marketing is a growing trend in the business world. With more corporate entities embracing animated ad campaigns as catchy engagement boosters, an animation is making big waves in online marketing. While video, in general, is not an entirely new form of marketing tool, animation has only recently secured its place on the roster and its increasing use in business circles only shows how effective it can truly be in getting messages across.

Well-produced and thoughtfully designed animated videos created for advertising and promotions are extremely effective in getting people's attention and keeping them engaged. They are very useful for publicity and exposure not only to existing clients but most especially to potential consumers. Animated videos and ad campaigns are innovative tools that truly work to boost your online presence, create a lasting impression on audiences, and expand your reach, all of which contribute to your business' overall competency and growth.

Marketing through animated videos helps you mark and expand your territory on the web. From basic flash ads to animated shorts and full-length promotional videos, using animation is an incredible way to attract people and compel them to want to know more about your product. They make brands more interesting, and they allow you to level with your audiences better in terms of the kind of language, tone, and visual messages that they understand and can relate with.

Animated ads are flexible mediums. They enable you to go where filmed ads and static marketing tools can't. With animation, anything is possible, which makes abstract thoughts and concepts easier to convey. Advanced technology makes this even more possible. Finally, animation leaves lasting impressions on viewers, which is extremely important if you want them to keep coming back for more. This level of engagement is critical if you want your business to grow.

Animated Web Video Production: The Power of Animation to Promote Your Brand

The video is such a ubiquitous presence across the World Wide Web because audiences demand content that is rich, dynamic, and engaging. It is a warm, visually rich, and compelling medium that caters to all the senses, thus helping marketers transfer messages with much less friction than typical text copies. Consumers of content love to be pampered with compelling images and to receive messages while avoiding unnecessary exertion on their part. This is why many businesses are now seeing the benefit of capitalizing on the natural advantages of video promotion.

Animations are only one form of video promotion that can help you reap great ROI and strengthen promotion for your business. It is also an increasingly popular subset that more and more marketers are using not only because of its clear audience draw, but because it is something that is dynamic, enjoyable, and cost-effective to produce. With animation, you cut costs of having to pay and work with a large pool of creative teams, equipment managers, actors, and the like, while also avoiding the worries and hassles of different factors that are outside of your control, such as the weather for filming. Almost all elements of animated videos can easily be controlled within the confines of a production room.

Perhaps more importantly, the nature of animated content makes animated ads inherently more appealing than their live action counterparts. Some audiences may struggle to connect with actors on a screen, especially when the talent you got isn't as compelling or believable whereas broad-themed drawings are a lot easier to identify with. Animated ads help create a deeper connection with audiences and give viewers the opportunity to fill narrative gaps (if any) with their personal experiences, which deepens their connection and investment on the video even more. Animated web videos are such popular content online for good reason—because they work.

Animated Corporate Videos Give Your Company a Marketing Edge

Animation is typically associated as something that appeals only to children, but the colorful visuals, creatively designed characters, playful sounds, and voice talents can appeal to all ages. If you want to make your company stand out from the competition, then you should consider creating an animated corporate video with the help of a production company that specializes in it. Here are some of the ways that an animated corporate video can give your company a marketing edge:

It shows that you care about the needs of your customers – Many people prefer to watch something rather than read lengthy text. Humans naturally have shorter attentions spans, and in this busy world, most people can’t devote 15 to 20 minutes to reading. Hence, they would rather watch a two to three minute video. When you produce an animated corporate video, you can condense all ideas and messages in a two to three-minute presentation, so you do not have to worry about your audience losing interest halfway through the show.

It can be more convincing and enthralling than conventional sales talk – As much as possible, animated corporate videos don’t use traditional advertising and sales tactics to promote something. Instead, they appeal to your audience's senses and emotions through enthralling audio and mesmerizing imagery. Moreover, an animated corporate video keeps the message brief and concise, making it more memorable with the help of colorful images and high-quality audio.

Set the trend – When most companies turn to traditional promotional methods, you can turn to animated corporate videos to create and deliver unique content that has never been seen or used before.

It is important for an animated corporate video to be properly produced with your needs and marketing goals in mind. Hence, find a reputable animated video production company that involves you in all stages of production. They should be able to deliver an effective and reasonably priced animated corporate video in only a few weeks.

An Overview of Sales Video Production

Video production may seem like an ambitious and expensive venture for a small business, but investing in a high-quality sales video will ensure excellent returns. Sales video production is a cost effective strategy to market your brand. A well-produced sales video will increase your online visibility, direct more traffic to your website, and increase your sales. Using a sales video on your landing pages and social media sites will draw your target audience to your business.

One of the best types of sales videos is the animated variant, which is more cost effective to produce than a live action video. Some video production companies can deliver the finished animated sales video to you in four to six weeks. With animation, you can think of any scenario—no matter how impossible—and bring it to life. You can make inanimate objects talk or move, make an animal behave like a human, or create a unique world that suits your product or service.

With well-made animated sales videos, you can explain your product or service more effectively and tell a story using a creatively made metaphor that will help people relate to what you have to offer and understand how it can benefit their lives. Animated sales videos can be a crucial part of your company's promotional and sales campaigns, and you can be sure to achieve your marketing and sales goals with them.

Videos are often capable of effectively telling a story and delivering a memorable message to people using enthralling visuals, music, voice acting, and a well-written plot. It is for this reason that videos are also being used to promote a business or a cause. Sales videos are especially entertaining and memorable when they are properly made and produced by a professional production company. 

A Technique for Business Marketing - Viral Video Agency

‘Viral’ videos are those that quickly become popular within a short amount of time. Many different reasons can make a video become highly popular and go viral. Perhaps it has a shock factor, is fun to watch, or involves an element of surprise. A video can also turn viral when it is unique and has a good story. Likewise, a video might go viral and be shared countless times when it has enthralling imagery with excellent sound. Viral videos ultimately became useful for businesses, and if you have never tried it as a marketing strategy, then you should consider consulting with a viral video production agency about it.

All the factors that make a video go viral can be manipulated and incorporated in a marketing video for your business. A viral video does not have to be extremely well made—as long as sharing is facilitated with social media marketing and advertising, the video will make its way around the internet and be watched by thousands of people around the world. Hence, the aim of viral video agencies is to create unique and original explainer videos that are designed for attracting and retaining the viewer attention within the first five to seven seconds.

Viral video agencies combine proven search engine optimization strategies to drive attention to your video. Using appropriate and relevant metadata like proper descriptions, tags, and titles can help. When combined with aggressive marketing methods, your video is sure to go spread and attract more viewers.

A well produced animated marketing video can effectively catch the attention of your target audience and induce laughter, shock, and awe. This is why it makes sense to work with a professional animated video production company. Be sure to hire a reputable viral video agency that understands how these types of videos work and how they can be promoted effectively online.

Monday, 2 November 2015

4 Ways to Make Your Explainer Videos Optimal for Marketing

A good explainer video can hook new customers and dramatically increase sales. You might be wondering—why are videos so effective in marketing? That’s because the human brain is hardwired to detect motion. In a sea of words that is the internet, an explainer video stands out and is likely to be noticed. Having an explainer video on your home page can potentially increase the rate at which passive visitors become buying consumers. But to be successful, your explainer video needs to be optimal for marketing to begin with. How do you ensure this? Here are some tips.

1. Use motion to hit two birds with one stone: information and entertainment. The creative and effective use of movement in a visual format combined with an entertaining overview of your message or product separates a great explainer video from a bad one. Why not try animated videos?

2. Keep it short. Explain everything in less than a minute because your audience doesn’t have time to watch a lengthy video. Show everything a potential customer needs to know about your company: who you are, exactly what you do or produce, and why they should use your services or products.

3. Make it your goal to evoke emotion. The most engaging explainer videos build thoughtful and meaningful visual stories, often using characters, to tug at the emotions of whoever is watching. Go for an explainer video that is loaded with information combined with heartfelt entertainment.

4. Hire a video production company for professional results. A homemade video with low resolution, bad lighting, and a noisy background will only make your company look amateur. Leave your explainer video in the hands of experts to get the best results—videos that you will be proud to put on your website and distribute on social media platforms.

Are you ready to create an explainer video for your new product or service? Try animation, which combines all the elements that make a video optimal for marketing. Talk to an animated video expert to explore your choices.