Thursday, 10 December 2015

Experiential Marketing via Animated Videos for Business Growth

Promoting a business is necessary to attract customers and make it grow. There are many different ways that you can promote your business, but successful promotion lies in the creativity of your material and how it manages to attract your target audience. Experiential marketing with animated videos can be a good way to advertise and promote your brand by helping consumers experience it.

Traditional advertising focuses on visually and verbally communicating the benefits of the product and the brand. Experiential marketing aims to immerse the viewer into the product by engaging his or her senses. An animated video may be one of the marketing strategies you can use with experiential marketing. It can be combined with other strategies like wide-scale guerrilla marketing and individual sampling. Ultimately, experiential marketing with animated videos aims to form an emotional and memorable connection between your brand and viewers to influence their purchase decision and influence customer loyalty.

Animated videos appeal to people of all ages, and they can make your viewers feel a certain form of attachment to your brand. The animation is attractive to watch due to the moving and usually colorful images and enthralling sounds. It is easier to produce, too. Some animated video production companies can deliver your video in four to six weeks while ensuring your involvement through all stages of production.

You can use an animated video to complement or enhance traditional advertising campaigns or to make your brand stand out at a trade show or event. This way, you can make your brand appeal to your viewer's emotions and be able to execute an experiential marketing strategy. You can play the video during a trade show and follow it up with a promo or an activity for the viewer to do. For example, a chocolate brand manufactured 10 million chocolate bars that missed one piece, and customers learned that the single piece was set aside, so they can choose to have it mailed to them or sent to their loved one with a personalized message. This way, the brand is able to establish an emotional connection with the customer and the people who received the piece of chocolate.

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