Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Create a Facebook Video to Boost Your Traffic

The average American views his or her Facebook newsfeed about 14 times a day. Facebook itself claims that four billion videos are being watched in their platform each day. These facts are proof that creating a good video to post on Facebook can be an effective way to boost your website traffic. The world's leading social media site even released the Premium Video Ads campaign in 2013 to help businesses promote themselves more effectively using their platform.

Facebook's premium video ad is an information-rich storytelling format designed for advertisers and it provides your business a good way to increase brand awareness in a short period— as long as your target customer pays attention to your ad. Hence, you need to make sure that your Facebook video is well-made with a unique and attractive concept to engage more viewers.

To make the video more effective, consider uploading it directly to Facebook, and upload it again in YouTube. The social media platform is more likely to show a directly uploaded video to more people, so consider that if you want to increase the views. Use the 'call to action' feature to drive more traffic to your site using the video. Remember to edit the title of the video and make it SEO-friendly, add a description and use appropriate hash tags on it, and choose an attractive thumbnail.

Facebook videos are popular mediums with advertisers and businesses that are launching new products. They can encourage loyalty among your customers and even prompt them to tell their friends and family about you. Videos can be a cost-effective way to have a large-scale and lasting impact in the minds of your target customers, but for best results, you need to be sure to hire a reputable and experienced video production company.

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