Monday, 15 June 2015

Animated Demo: Astonish Viewers with Video Demos

Demo videos are extremely useful for startups and even established businesses. These are animated presentations that explain products, services, and companies/brands better than any website image, infographic, or text copy could ever do. Demo videos are the modern marketer's most valuable asset in this day and age because they help tell a company's story in a creative and engaging manner.

Well written and excellently produced demo videos serve as your round-the-clock elevator pitch, available to consumers and potential clients looking for the exact type of products and services that you can offer. With the help of a professional animator and video marketer, you can create a powerful vehicle for brand awareness and business promotion.

So many startups and large businesses use video as a major component of their marketing strategy. This is because of the simple fact that video works. By recruiting a professional video marketer, you have access not only to the best technologies, but also to the best skill sets you will need to establish a successful video campaign:

Seasoned demo animators know how to create simple yet compelling scripts and storyboards based on what your promotional campaign needs. They take time to listen through your story and help you formulate the best flow of ideas that effectively represents your message.

They know how to illustrate your vision in a way that will help you have a glimpse of the final product, right from its conception.

They are equipped with the latest technology to help bring your ideas to life and embellish your concept in a way that will compel viewers to positive action.

They are skilled in sound mixing, scoring, and narrating voiceovers that best fits your story and they have access to royalty free or very cheap materials that you can use for your demo.

They know the best way to compress and deliver the final product as well as promote them through various online channels.

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